Sep 25


You may have heard that Tim Gunn recently published an editorial the pointed out fashion didn’t want to design for the majority of women. Probably his actual feelings, but also is probably a tie in with this week’s episode.

The task? Design an outfit for the everyday woman, one that is appropriate for all ages and sizes. In 12 hours using $150 worth of fabric from Mood. To be worn by models. Winning look will be featured, sold, distributed, etc. by online retailer JustFab!

So the designers make it work, and there are some looks I, as an everyday, average woman, would wear. And many I would not. There is also some serious cattiness going on with the early emerging “mean designer” Cornelius.

Cornelius is featured saying mean things about a lot of people and a lot of people gave him some serious side eye. This also means I cease to care about his designs. (Please take note, majority of season 14 designers, you were all mean to Ashley, you can all forget about me buying your stuff) Congrats on making the villain slot, Cornelius!

Top Three:
So winning look? Belongs to the elegant Lawrence, who has a sad, beautiful backstory. She made a jumpsuit, that while lovely, I would not wear. Solely because I don’t like the idea of stripping to go pee. Something designers,and the judges, seem to forget.

One of the runners up is also one of my faves, Alex’s chiffon shirt and pants. Yeah, the crop top chemise would not be worn by me, but I would switch that out for a longer chemise. Easy switch and you can change the colours our. Plus, bonus, Alex has proven he is a kind soul who continues his one day a week teaching by helping other designers.

Erin is the final runner up with a nice pop of a colour, but a dress that looked bulky and would only add to a woman’s size, given the neoprene fabric choice. I liked the fact she built in the belt to change the look, but that’s something a decent stylist could teach you to do. But the judges thought it was revolutionary.

Bottom Three:
Kimber found a gorgeous pattern for her top, but then ruined it by making it a floating tent of a crop top. Anything beyond an A Cup would mean you need to pick a matching bra for this outfit. Which, no.  Bonus points though for lining the pockets of the pants with the fabric.

Sadly Brick also turns in a bottom three look, a bland grey jacket and black and white pants. The pattern on the pants is cool, but the pants have the beginnings of a drop crotch, and I don’t think it’s on purpose. There’s also some tummy showing, which again, I am not doing any time soon.

But the losing look belongs to Linda, who thought a knit fabric would be flattering to all women. No, Linda, no. I get that the fabric looks interesting on the shelf, but as someone who taken that super cute knit top off the shelf only only to be bitterly disappointed in the universe in the changeroom, just no. As the judges point out, even the model has a saggy bum. She sadly has also added a white, see-through kimono for some reason. Because that’s something every woman wants to wear.  So this sends her home, even though as Nina points out, she took a risk, while Brick just gave us bland.  But they felt, given her oft repeated backstory, that she was the one who should have rocked this challenge and sent her home.

So all in all, decent episode, but judges, Brik’s sweet beach locks must go home soon. Unless he starts turning out looks like his top from the first challenge on a regular basis, then his talent doesn’t match the rest of the field.

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