Sep 17

Project Runway – Season 15 Episode 1

Confession time. I love fashion. I love it’s drama, it’s whimsy, it’s frivolousness. LOVE IT. I don’t follow it too closely, but I do enjoy a good runway show.

As part of this, I have come to love Project Runway, even with all its flaws. I am especially fond of Tim Gunn, who was my alternate birth coach if my husband was unable to attend. Tim never knew about it either.

Imagine him coaching you through labour. Make it work!

So when season 15 started, it was a perfect time to settle in and watch.

Episode 1 brings us the unconventional challenge. Designers are told to use the material at their welcome party to make a look. They have a day and all the glue their glue guns can squirt.

This challenge is a far cry from the original unconventional challenge, which saw Austin make a dress out of corn husks. It also lacks the energy of the season where they tore the mattresses apart for fabric.  But it gives us some cool looks.

The winner is from Erin, who made a dress out of wigs, gumballs and other yellow things.

I also liked Dexter’s look. Who knew a carpet and pillow could be so cute. Dexter, you are my spirit guide!

Brix annoyed me in the pre-season show where he was clearly vamping for the camera, although my distaste from him weakened when I saw sparkly (if badly made) pants and Thor at the beach hair. I’m not saying either was good, but they were pathetically cute in the way of your little cousin. You know its dorky, but you it makes you smile anyways.



But the loser of the week was Ian, who not only got lazy and made a shift dress with some shredded Polaroids taped onto a dress, but he also had the temerity to talk back to Tim when the mentor was trying to help him produce something that would keep him in the competition. Sadly, Ian did not listen and was sent home.

Goodbye, Ian. Let others learn from you, listen to Tim.


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