Oct 13

Soapbox – Roman Polanski

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So I feel the need today to drag out my little soapbox and take a little stand.

I really don’t care who you are or how creatively brilliant you are, drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl is not excuseable.

And you think that this would be something that we as a society would be clear on, but I am shocked to see the literati of US, French and Swiss society defending Roman Polanski.

Whoopi Goldberg says it isn’t "rape-rape". Good to know that there are some types of rape that are less traumatic than others, Guinan. I’ll make sure to get that list so I know when I have a right to be outraged when I hear someone is violated.

And Deborah Winger says "[The arrest] is based on an…old case that is all but dead but for minor technicalities," Really? I look forwad to seeing Ms. Winger making similar pleas for other confessed child molestors.

Woody Allen has spoken out in favour of Polanski. Now there’s someone you want in your court when you are accused of child rape. A man who married and had a child with his step-daughter. He’s someone we all should choose as our moral compass.

The facts are Polanski ran away from a plea bargan deal that would have seen him spend 48 days in jail for drugging, raping and sodimizing a 13 year-old girl. He later agreed to pay the victim (cause that’s what she is) $500,000. He may, in fact, never have paid it. And yes the victim has forgiven him and moved on, but that is not the point. He agreed to serve the time (a very small amount given what he did) but then like a coward, he bolted.

If Polanski is not brought to justice for this crime it will be OJ all over again, where if you are wealthy and famous you can pay your way out of jail.

And is that a justice system we really want to have?

Getting down off my soapbox and going to bed.

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