Oct 10

Library Loot – Week of October 6

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I am trying something new, the Library Loot post. Invented by Eva and Marg, this is a way to let people know what you brought home from the library that week.

My Loot:

Yup – another in the Open Court Philosophy and Pop Culture series. Bathroom reading!

I have taken to taking cookbooks out of the library to preview them before I buy them in order to determine if I should buy them.

The third book in a series that I am enamoured of. I have been waiting for this for a while.

Met the author at Polaris and am excited to read the book as it sounded cool.

My bathroom reading right now. It is the last of the current FoxTrot omnibuses, so I don’t know what to read after that is done.

That’s not all of the books as I have a shoking 92 out right now. Yup. That’s right. 92.

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