Jun 17

seaQuest – Where Are They Now? – Part 7 – The End . . Really

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So I did leave someone out of my look back at the TV show seaQuest and someone was very quick to point that out to me.

seaQuest – Where Are They Now? – DVD Extras

Darwin the Dolphin

Darwin was Captain Bridger’s companion. More of a best friend than a pet, Darwin travelled through the water tubes that were specifically designed to allow a dolphin acces to all parts of the sub. He was also given a voice by the vocoder designed by boy genius Lucas.

Darwin was played by an animatronic puppet, not a real dolphin. This meant that when the show ended, so did Darwin. Despite my best efforts, I could not find out what had happened to the puppets (there was more than one). Best guess from the experts was that they were sold off as part of the end of the season auction along with the costumes and sets.

Next time: Small Wonder: Where Are They Now?

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2 Responses to seaQuest – Where Are They Now? – Part 7 – The End . . Really

  1. nerdy jerks says:

    dang i was really hoping this was a real dolphin! it looks amazing. still wonder what happened to the puppets!

  2. Alex says:

    Wow, I didn’t know it was a puppet

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