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seaQuest – Where Are They Now? – Pt. 4

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Season 2 brought a lot of changes to seaQuest. Even though the ratings were good, NBC wanted more. To that end, Patrick Hasburgh was brought on to revamp the series. What resulted was a purging of older characters who were all replaced by, younger, sexier actors. Some turned out to be decent actors and were accepted by the fans. Others were just cute faces and becamed villified by the fans. Viewership would begin to dwindle in season two as plots became campy, b-grade sci-fi rip-offs and seaQuest became an industry wide joke.

seaQuest – Where Are They Now? – The Replacement Fillers

Michael DeLuise
The second son of Dom DeLuise and Carol Arthur, Michael was born into acting. He had his first role at ten and continued to land series roles and re-occuring guest stars until he was cast as Seaman Tony Piccolo in the second season of seaQuest. Piccolo was a navy enlisted man convicted of striking a superior officer. As part of an early release program, he agreed to have artificial gills implanted. Rebellious, he tried to escape when he was initially posted to seaQuest. He quickly replaced Krieg as the big brother/role model/best friend to Lucas, with whom he bunked. In the third season, Piccolo became a favourite of new captain Oliver Hudson. He was promoted to Warrant Officer and qualified for subfighter pilot training.

Since seaQuest, Michael has been busy. He stepped out directly from cancellation into the role of Andy Sipowicz Jr. in NYPD Blue. He also starred in the short lived Broklyn South. From there he has runs on Gilmore Girls as well as guest spots on Lost, Stargate and CSI:NY. He has also directed and produced a comedy called Between the Sheets.

Peter DeLuise
Peter came to seaQuest off his breakout role in 21 Jump Street. Playing Officer Doug Penhall brought Peter to the locker doors of the world. Including mine. Being the eldest son of Dom DeLuise and Carol Arthur, Peter was also exposed to Hollywood very young. As Dagwood, Peter played a Genetically Engineered Life Form, or GELF. As a prototype, Dagwood had some flaws that made him not what the customer ordered. Due to that, he ended up as a janitor in the UEO. After saving O’Neil’s life, he was invited to stay on seaQuest.

Since cancellation, Peter has kept busy with acting, getting guest spots in a variety of series. He has also taken a turn at directing, working in a bunch of Vancouver based shows. But it is in the various Stargate series that he has made his mark. Director, writer and producer, guest star, he has done it all. So much so that he is kind of a legend in Stargate fandom. Series producer, Joseph Mallozi called him “the walking Stargate omnipedia”.

Edward Kerr
While he had done a couple of made for TV movies, seaQuest was Edward (sometimes known as Ed) Kerr’s breakout role. As Lt. James Brody, he lead the security detail on the sub. A man’s man, he could fight, drink and charm with the best of them. He was also meant to be a sex symbol, someone the ladies could sigh about. Rumours swirled that Kerr was also not happy with the direction the series was taking, and asked to have his character killed off in the third season. The producers obliged, killin his character off midway through season 3.

Since his turn as Brody, Kerr has done quite well for himself on TV. In addition to his many, many guest spots, he had a lead in the short-run David Kelly series Snoops. Kerr also ended up in Legalese with James Garner. Finally, he has ended up in the Marco Sanchez produced video Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purpose along with other seaQuest alum, Don Franklin and Michael DeLuise.

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    Ed is now married with two children, Walker and Scarlett

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