Jun 08

Oh My Freaking God

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So I was scrolling through the Internet when I found an ad for a comic. And my jaw hit the floor.

Green Arrow is asking for Black Canaries hand.

Hold the freaking phone!

Are you telling me that something I dreamed, hoped, and yes, role-played, is happening?


Of course, they will never tie the not. The first overtly sexual comic book couple ain’t going to make it legal. Cause then they might have babies and then that character I role-played may actually have to show up in comics. And then Joe and I will meet face to face and the Rapture will be upon us.


Going to buy me some fishnets. I already have the (naturally) blonde hair.

Now to convince the husband to grow a Vandyke and die all the facial hair and, that on his head, blonde.


Of course I could just go buy the damn comic, but that would not be as freaky.

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