Two Guys and Guy

Title: Two Guys and Guy
Author: Rickard Jonasson
Start Date: 2011
Genre: Science fiction, comedy
Update Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays


Wayne, Frank, and Guy are a comedy trio who live under the same roof and go on adventures. Wayne is a jerkish hippie slacker who lives off other people’s misery (and he’s the most developed character). Frank is a mad scientist with no regards for morality or consequences. Guy is the chick…who is a bully and a sociopath. They each hate the world and each other, but they’re roommates, so they have to tolerate each other, anyway.

Recommended Age Group: 17 and up. NOT FOR KIDS!


Jonasson’s writing style is a riot. The main trio bounce off each other really well, and a unique trait of the comic is that each strip takes place in In Medias Res. For a three-panel, gag-a-day strip format, that’s an impressive feat to pull off.


The comic suffers from copy-paste syndrome, and its usage is obvious and rather distracting. The artwork for the comic doesn’t look bad at all, and the author clearly has a good grasp of drawing, so the quality of the product does feel rather cheapened. Also, Wayne and Guy feel like they’re the same character sometimes. Frank stands out from the trio due to his interests and traits (physical and personality-wise), but Wayne and Guy seem to just meld together; they’re both equally snarky to other people and each other. You can swap out Guy for Wayne and vice-versa and still feel like the strip hasn’t changed.


I give this comic a wholehearted recommendation. This comic is among my favorite comedy webcomics (I’d probably even place it in my top 5). If you’re in the mood for some good laughs–I honestly can’t think of a single strip in the archive that was a dud or left me confused like I’d missed the joke–then I give this my seal of approval.

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