Well, guys, I’m finally done with my internship! (Well, actually, I completed it a few weeks ago, and I just needed some rest.) After a bit of relaxation afterward, I feel like it’s finally time to start updating this blog again.

Title: Everblue
Author: Michael Sexton
Start Date: 2010
Genre: Fantasy, adventure
Update Schedule: Biweekly
Website: http://www.everblue-comic.com


Everblue takes place in a world that consists of an endless ocean sparsely populated by a few cities. One of the citizens of Rose City, Luna, is an adventurous (yet timid) shipwright who dreams to see the world and find her place in life. Unfortunately, Rose City is a military-run state, so they don’t allow contact with the outside world. When an energetic drifter named Ten crashes onto the city’s docks, Luna seizes the opportunity to escape with him by placing a powerful wind turbine on his ship. They’re now both wanted and on the run while exploring the world ahead of them. However, before they both left, it turns out that Luna carries a secret with her that she’s unaware of, and now her own adopted brother and uncle are after her.

Recommended Age Group: 13 and up (according to the website).


This is one of the most beautiful webcomics I’ve ever seen. The artist has a good grasp of coloring and shading motifs, especially according to the timing of each chapter. For example, the beginning of the chapters are typically warm and vibrant, but as the chapters approach their end, they become darker and more shadowy, perfectly fitting the tone of each portion of the story.


The characters, while well-developed, do feel like a rather cliched dynamic. You have your adventurous main character who aspires to grander opportunities beyond their dull life. You have the spunky, energetic sidekick who’s a bit on the ditzy side. Finally, you have your family members who antagonize the heroes (usually the elderly figures want to kill them while the son is trapped in a morally grey area between both sides). Finally, there’s the “greater evil” who is worse than the main villain and has a tendency to throw a wrench into the plot. We’ve seen it before. However, this is only a minor complaint; even though it’s already been done, the characters are entertaining enough on their own merits, so they don’t ruin the comic at all.


I give this comic a wholehearted recommendation. Despite the “13+” rating the website suggests, I think this is actually a fairly suitable read for kids. The only objectionable material I could find was minimal blood. It’s a fun adventure story with great characters and stunningly gorgeous artwork that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

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