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Many of my favorite memories come from sharing likes and dislikes, inspirations and abominations, and opinions, oh, the opinions with everyone here on RevSF. Life for the last two marvelous years has muscled into my way in every way.

Excuses, excuses.

What I want to say here is: I hope to contribute more often if you’ll have me again. That’s all.

Coming soon…

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My daughter – due on March 8th – will be named for two of science fiction’s most awesome women, Zira and Nova from The Planet of the Apes.

My wife recounts the story of discovering this excellent name thusly: "It was during one of the Fox Movie Channel’s many ‘Weekend(s) of Apes,’ sometime in November a couple years ago. We tossed around names just for fun, still really undecided about whether we’d ever have kids at all. Zira Nova was one of the best, and we held onto it just in case."

I remember it different: "We realized this was happening, after many months of waffling back and forth about whether to have kids or not, the choice was made for us (we got pregnant even though we were on the pill, we found out later) and we rolled with it. As I perused the extensive dvd selection, tossing out names willy-nilly, I struck on Zira Nova. I had a strong feeling it would be a girl, too."

Smug bastard, wasn’t I?

Now we’re in the home stretch to zero hour. We’ll know more after this week’s doctor appointment (at which the doc and I may try once again to suggest to my wife she should at least consider drugs if the pain is extreme). I’ll try and update again before then, and as soon as I can once the little bun is out of the oven…

Be seeing you!

The looks fade, sweetheart.

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The following being a rebuttal to Ms. Megan Fox’s comments about not wanting to portray Wonder Woman.

Megan Fox, whom many males find to be the epitome of the female form, and whom many fanboys had hoped would fill in the bountiful bustiere Linda Carter bent beautifully out of shape as Wonder Woman, doesn’t want the role.

In fact, Ms. Fox thinks the amazonian superhero is "lame."

Here’s the text, from MSN’s Wonderwall:

To the disappointment of hot and bothered fanboys the world over, Megan Fox won’t be slipping into Wonder Woman’s cleavage-showcasing bustier and full-coverage briefs anytime soon.

"Wonder Woman is a lame superhero," the brunette bombshell opines to London’s Sunday Times. "She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role, but I don’t want to do it."

Not that Fox is worried about being typecast as a hottie, unlike some of her pulchritudinous peers. "Hollywood is the most superficial thing you could possibly be a part of," she points out.

"And if I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working at all . . . If I show up and give any sort of performance at all, even a mediocre one, everyone will walk away going, ‘Holy s—! Megan did a great job in that movie!’ So I’m an overachiever just by default because of the category I’ve been put in."

Hm. Lame?

Happily, this clears up several topics for me. I had thought that maybe one day I might see the Transformers movie. Megan Fox is in it? Oh, no need, then. The movie already looked shallow enough when I didn’t know she had a role.

The male reaction to Ms. Fox baffles me. Where are the curves? Have the youth of today become so obsessed with flat screen t.v.s that they’re demanding their women take a similar shape? I’m a curvy woman-liking man, and Wonder Woman, dammit, has curves, so Megan was never a contender. A more full-figured woman (Linda Carter, why didn’t you accept the invitation to be cloned?!), yes. Megan Fox, a FLAT no.

Now that Megan has revealed herself to be have a full-fledged bitchtastic mouth (an overachiever? By "giving any sort of performance"? What, she’s doing porn now, or dinner theater?) , I can put her aside completely.

That is, until she eats her words when DC shows her the amount they’ll pay for her to take up the lasso.

Come back, Linda!

My God…

"It’s full of (words)…"

Pardon my sloth in catching up to this obvious realization, but there are more places than ever available to fill with words both useful and profane.

MySpace can be blogged upon, though I stopped doing so when I realized I was having enough trouble keeping a decent content flow here, and I didn’t want to just copy links. Now I prefer to use my MySpace page to post videos. Odd? Sure, I guess. I tend to ignore YouTube, mostly. Mostly.

Facebook’s bland aesthetic, for some reason, is capturing more hearts, minds, and fingers each day, though it seems to have problems every other month. After the last terms of use change, I took all personal photos from the page, as Truthseeker013 did, but I keep the page. The majority of people I know, or knew, or am likely to know someday will probably use the pablum page for communication, though I find negotiating its streaming green letters barely tolerable.

And now there’s Twitter. And I plunged into it for two simple reasons: Christopher Walken, and I’m a sheep. Well, Barry Eisler, too, and I’m occasionally a sheep. But now it turns out CWalken isn’t that Christopher Walken after all. If one of the main reasons I visited the site was to enjoy whatever posts he might throw down–each more entertaining than the sum of the posts of other celebrities I "followed" (that should have been GIANT HINT NUMBER ONE he was fake), why should I bother to keep yet another social networking site in my stable of favorites? Even though I’m sure Barry Eisler is the real Barry Eisler, I have no use for twitting.

Txt Wrs One

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Several years ago I had the good fortune to work at Musicland with a manager who conveyed intelligence, care,and good humor to all his employees. In a retail environment, I’ve found that is a rare experience.

I don’t recall now how the following activity began, but to keep the work environment fun, Brad and I would use the cds (in those ancient delivery forms known as "longboxes") to tell stories we’d make up on the fly. It was very much like the storytelling game referenced here. Album titles, artist’s names, song titles, all went into the steely jaws of our wits and emerged the other side as surreal and sometimes inappropriate tales with no point beyond making us laugh as much as possible. They often didn’t flow as smoothly as, say, a cruise liner should, but as long as we kept the story afloat and had fun doing so, that’s what mattered.

It’s that sort of off-the-cuff storytelling that came to mind when I got a recent text message from another good friend and former retail manager who’s now on the coast. Kerry and I have a history of exchanging horrible puns, to the chagrin of anyone in earshot. Now that he’s many hundred miles away, wireless technology helps us bridge the gap.

A recent text from Kerry was simply, "I have this theory that Rod Stewart and Lita Ford are the same person."

Pretty dead-on, in my opinion. Also, the mental image made me howl.

What I’ll share here next is a text exchange we enjoyed, which was not unlike the game Brad and I played at Musicland. Kerry and I did this one sans Wiki searches or cd covers–it all came drooling out from the depths of our collective musical knowledge. It may not be deep, but I hope you find it at least half as fun as we did.

Oh, and not all the links go directly to the song/video they denote (I’m not THAT cruel), and a few you may find fun.

KC: so I have this theory that video killed the radio star.

LW: Authorities have been hunting high & low for him, while Video remains elusive, in effect taunting them, "take on me."

KC: Video was briefly spotted yelling to an unknown accomplice, "Come on, Eileen!"

LW: Video is believed to have fled the country. A recent report places him in "Rio."

KC: Rio. The city for which the Brazilians claim, "We built this city on rock and roll."

LW: In Brazil, it’s believed Video experimented with drugs. One pill made him larger, the other made him small…

KC: …but the one that Mother gave him, made him feel nothing at all.

LW: Last Christmas I gave Video my heart. The very next day he gave it away.

KC: To which Video replied, "Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser? He’s a loser but he still keeps on trying."

LW: CNN has received a video from Video, sent from his hidden desert cave lair. In the video, Video declares, "Don’t you forget about me."

KC: This just in! A renowned Asian P.I. has been called in to track down Video. Authorities are very appreciative, saying domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

LW: A close friend of Video has come forward. His statement to the press included this imploring message to Video: "You dont’ have to live like a refugee."

KC: Video quickly responded, "Love is a battlefield."

LW: Authorities have learned Video was humbled after spending One Night in Bangkok.

KC: Update on this week’s story — Video is still at large. It seems that he is No-No-Notorious. Notorious.

LW: Video’s excursion to Bangkok left him feeling itchy and sore. The doctor diagnosed him with a bad case of Tainted Love.

KC: It seems that Video should know better than to party with a werewolf of London. And his hair was perfect! There’s talk of a [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AofzLsvTsM0White Wedding[/url].

LW: Video will go to his wedding night bed Like A Virgin…touched for the very first time.

KC: Suddenly, Video realized that all eyes were on him, and he exclaimed, "I always feel like somebody’s watching me!" And he gets no privacy.

LW: Please please tell me now, Video, is there something I should know?

KC: Message to (me) from Video: Til now, I always got by on my own. I never really cared until I met you.

LW: Breaking news: Video offered deal by prosecutors. His reply: I can’t go for that, no no. No can do.

If you’ve found humor here, I am glad. And if so, perhaps more txt wrs will find a translation here.

Until next time…

Gaming with my wife

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I’m very thankful for 2-D games.

Without them, my wife and I would never play videogames together.

We’ve spent many hours pummeling the minions of Smash TV, Galaga, and Golden Axe, and many more shattering the jewels of Luxor 2, Hexic HD, or Bejeweled 2. Unfortunately, some of those games don’t have a 2-player co-op option, so we end up handing the controller back and forth between us, or waiting until the other person’s turn is up before blasting the (insert enemy noun here) back to hell, or wherever they’ve come from.

See, my wife suffers simulation sickness when she watches me play more than a few minutes of just about any FPS, so I’m playing games alone a lot. Funny thing is, if you’d met me a little over ten years ago, I’d have been ranting about what a waste of time and energy those games are. Ah, how time changes the perspective.

Ironically, the games I play most often are Pac-Man Championship Edition or Jewel Quest (I’m ready for Jewel Quest 2 on the Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft!), but since I’ve gotten all the achievements for both, I suppose a bit of the thrill is gone.

Just a few short years ago, I played the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign, on Legendary, almost everyday (It’s a great way to relieve stress).

I’ve lived this moment 25+ times, and loved it, every one:

My dear wife used to watch regularly, and since it was the game I played most, she got used to seeing the way I moved Master Chief on the screen, but she was never able to play the game herself. (An aside: after playing though over 20 times, Halo 2 finally came out, and while the sequel was enjoyable, Legendary difficulty was punishing to me, and I’m not proud to admit I never beat the game on that setting. I’m still working on Halo 3’s hardest natural difficulty (and I dount I’ll face down Mythic anytime soon).)

First person shooters are simply not her forte, but get her into a game of Galaga, Luxor 2, or Feeding Frenzy, and her top score will trounce my best effort by thousands of points.

I enjoy the few videogames my wife and I can play together, but when we get into the arena of competition (e.g., opposed to the co-operative nature of Smash TV), she gets absolutely vicious, and I’m often the sorest loser.

The competition is most evident in the board games we play. I should just concede her victory when we sit down to the table–heck, when we get the boxes out–to play Dominoes, Sorry, or Marvel Heroes Monopoly, but I know, when I can connive her into a game of Battleship or Chess, I’ll emerge victorious.

I hope.

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