Jan 01

Thank you, Internet

The Internet is many things: a place where I spend a lot of time, a water cooler, a public square, the Wild West, a dystopia.  But what it has been for many of us is the place that spoil us on the movies, books and TV shows that we haven’t yet enjoyed. I have friends that go into lock-down two months before a large property is released so they can enjoy it with out knowing the “twist”. I avoid Twitter when my shows are on. Even with these precautions the twist revealed before someone gets a chance to see/read/listen to. Then we hear cries of “SPOILERS!” and “YOU RUINED IT!”

So it was with some trepidation that all of us approached Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We all looked at the Internet with suspicion, worried that we would be spoiled by a passing comment from a good friend or favourite website. We all heard the story of the guy who saw the movie on opening night and then spoiled it for a line full of movie goers. Turns out that was false, but it summed up what we were all feeling.

But something miraculous happened. The Internet bit its tongue. Spoilers were out there, but they were carefully hidden behind warnings, and did not appear in the mainline of stories. People published spoiler free reviews and discussions. Discussion groups were formed, but carefully hidden from casual eyes. There were even spoiler free guides for parents who wanted to know if they could take their kids to see this movie.  A week and a half passed before I saw something that revealed the BIG SPOILER of the movie.

It’s now two weeks on and the spoilers, while out there, aren’t in your face. It’s as if the Internet came to a mutual agreement to behave well. And it’s refreshing.

So I want to take a minute to thank the whole Internet for their good behaviour. You did good kid. I’m proud of you.


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