Nov 06

The Weed That Strings The Hangman Bag – AQR

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Flavia de Luce is a polarizing figure. Some people (OK a lot given the sales figures) love the precocious eleven year-old chemistry savant. Others find her abilities to both create complex chemical formulae and fight crime to be a bit hard to swallow.

What is certain is that author Alan Bradley has created a richly woven tale that takes place in post WWII Britain. Flavia gets involved in the investigation of the murder of a puppeteer who is preforming in her town. The murder investigation also sheds light on the mysterious hanging death of a young boy many years ago.

What makes the book eminent readable is not the mystery, but rather Bradley`s writing style and strong characterization. Flavia`s ongoing war with her two older sisters is so true to life and funny, that the reader finds themselves alternately cheering and scolding the young heroine. And who wouldn’t want to give their sister noxious gas laced chocolates.

So pick it up for the writing, not for the mystery.

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