Oct 31

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen – A Not So Quick Review

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Janet Evanovich has been at the Stephanie Plum series for awhile. This installment finds Stephanie split three ways. She is helping Ranger hunt down the person (or persons) who have been burgling clents of his security business. Lulu has also witnessed a murder and needs Stephanie’s help hiding from the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Stephnaie still works for her cousin Vinnie’s bond business and she has skips to catch or he will replace with her arch-nemesis, Joyce Barnhardt.

As the title says, this is installment fifteen of the series, and while Stephanie is still fresh, some of the secondary characters are getting past there best before date. Lulu is especially getting dated. A charactature to begin with, she has devolved into stereotype, and not a flattering one at that. It is really time for Evanovich to retire Lulu for a few books, or maybe have her evolve and grow a bit. Ethier that or kill her, cause she is beginning to rub the wrong way.

And that is what makes this novel less entertaining than it should be. By giving Lulu such a parominent role in the plot, Evanovich has really shoved her in our face. She is always there and we get sick of her. Given that these books are supposed to be comedic mysteries, having a character that gets on your nerves takes way from the laughter.

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