End of another year

Well it is the end of another year and I haven’t managed to spend any time maintaining this blog. So, in what is rapidly becoming an annual tradition, I am posting an image from Goodreads of all the comic books that I have read this year.


Highlights this year were The Walking Dead, The Unwritten, Batgirl Year One and Saga.

I have been reading the first two volumes of Saga over the last few days and will continue till I have finished the currently available issues (24). This book is really good and if you are a fan of Y: The Last Man then you should also love this book from BKV. A highlight of this year will be the publication of the last issue of BKV’s self published comic The Private Eye so that I can finally read the story in one go.

Until the next time – whenever it might be – have a great 2015 if you can.

End of the line?

As you can see there has not been a lot of activity on this blog for a while. I have been crazy busy at work this year and have had no time to record my thoughts on books as I read them.

Is this likely to change in the future? Well probably not immediately as I will be involved in two projects at work that will take up most of my time up until at least August.

So I will post here when I can but it is probably going to be sporadic for the first half of the year at least. For now I will leave you with a graphic of all the comic books I have read this year courtesy of Goodreads (click on the image to magnify):

comics read 2013