Song of Ice and Fire Update

Still not reading very much in the way of comic books but have read another two books – strictly one and a half as book 3 is in two parts – of the Song of Ice and Fire series.


Book 2 was a bit strange in that I was looking forward to reading the Jon Snow and Daenerys chapters, as I was expecting an injection of more fantastical elements into the story, but they ended up being the most boring in the book as they didn’t really get up to much.

The most interesting chapters were those centred on events in King’s Landing – Tyrion’s and to a slightly lesser extent Sansa’s. Tyrion was moved into his element as Hand to the King as we saw his deviousness come to the fore.

Arya’s chapters were also good as she is on of the few characters whose story actually involves taking part in some sort of action. While a blessing for the company producing the TV series, the fact that a vast majority of the action takes place off stage might be slightly off putting for readers expecting any real clash of kings. The physical action only really hots up in the last third of the book.


I have book 3 as 2 paperbacks so in a sense it would be unfair to comment on it as a whole as part one only covers about 60% of the story. I was pleased to see Jaime get a set of chapters to himself as he is a character I love and hate (or love to hate) at the same time. Tyrion has lost some influence after the events at the end of book 2 and Jon Snow’s and Daenerys’ chapters are starting to pick up after the disappointment of book 2.

All in all I am still enjoying the series. The only black cloud is that I am half way through the published books with Martin saying that another 2 or 3 will be required to close off the series (aaaaahhhh!).