The Return of Red Dwarf

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So Red Dwarf will be returning to our TV screens this Easter.

There would have been a time when I would have been over the moon at this news – Red Dwarf is one my favourite comedies they made 6 series of pure comedy gold. However, I worry slightly that after all this time that they will not be able to recapture the magic – after all after the first 6 series, the seventh was not quite as good as what went before and the least said about series eight the better.

But maybe the passing of so much time will have restored the energy and enthusiasm of all involved and the old grudges will have been forgotten. I really hope the magic can be recaptured and the new show is fan-smegging-tastic!

The End is Near

So David Tennant has decided to leave Doctor Who after next year’s set of 4 specials. I can understand his desire to leave while he is still popular and before the role becomes a chore but I will shed a tear when the regeneration finally takes place.

David made this role his own through 3 series and became my favourite Doctor ever – debunking the myth that your favourite is the one you grew up with (sorry Jon and Tom). He is one of the main reasons that this show has been a successful revival. He is a great actor and protrayed the ultimate loneliness of the Doctor better than anyone else.

Let’s hope that next year’s storylines give him a fitting send off.

SGA Cancelled

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So the powers that be have decided to cancel Stargate Atlantis at the end of the current season.

Now I quite like Atlantis despite its flaws and if this news had come during season 3 I would have been upset. But season 4 was fairly uninspired and had a terrible season finale which has lead into a fairly poor start to season 5. So I was surprised to read this in Joseph Mallozzi’s blog:


100 episodes is pretty damn impressive feat and, as evidenced by the quality of recent stories and the uptick in the ratings, we’ll be going out on a high.


I think the episodes have been pretty average so far – until this week’s episode (#6) ‘The Shrine’. I loved this story but then I think the best thing in Atlantis is McKay – even though it annoys me that no one pronounces his name correctly. If they could produce shows this good consistently then maybe it wouldn’t be getting cancelled now.


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If this is to be RTD’s last fling on Doctor Who as head writer, he is certainly going out with a bang. If you have seen the trailer for Stolen Earth you already know he’s throwing the kitchen sink at this one!

All his previous companions are there except Mickey. Torchwood are involved as is Sarah Jane and Luke and there is a small but crucial role for Harriet Jones (former Prime Minister). There is a visit to the much mentioned Shadow Proclamation for the Doctor and Donna.

As for the action, the Daleks are up to their old tricks again and have managed to transport the Earth across space as part of some diabolical plan being hatched by Davros – yes he’s back! I’ve been hoping for his return since the revamped series began.

RTD has managed to pull it all together brilliantly and set up a cliffhanger that was a shock to me – how they have kept it secret I don’t know – maybe I am not visiting the right sites! I won’t tell you what has happened but my 10 year old son was in floods of tears at the end of the episode.

Just brilliant I can’t wait for next week now – especially as they didn’t have their normal trailer at the end of the program – I’m more excited about a children’s show than a man in his forties has any right to be. I’m off to watch it all again. Very Happy

Stargate Atlantis Season 5

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I watched the season 5 opener this morning. Got to say I am really pretty disappointed but not surprised. I thought that the season 4 finale was mediocre at best and the season starts with a whimper rather than a bang.

I hope the writers aren’t losing it because, although it has its flaws, Atlantis is a show I have really enjoyed up to now.

There is some hope. Jewel Staite and Robert Picardo have their names on the credits so hopefully we see a lot more of them. Picardo is taking over as expedition leader so should be on screen a fair bit which is great – I love this guy.

So a big improvement is required but I’ll stay tuned to see what is in store.

Life on Mars

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Just seen the first episode in the US remake of Life on Mars. It was pretty much a word for word remake of the British version.

Apart from the obvious differences in location and American references to the Seventies, the main difference was that there was no Chris. Writing him out of the series maybe allows them to save the 10 minutes or so that they need for ad breaks.

It was interesting but I preferred the original and the original actors – Colm Meaney doesn’t cut it as Gene Hunt for me, at least in this first episode.


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The latest Doctor Who episode is the one were Russell T. Davies proves he still has what it takes to write a great Doctor Who script.

The Doctor and Donna are taking a break and the Doctor leaves Donna behind as he goes on a day trip. Unfortunately, the ship he is travelling in breaks down on the surface of the inhospitable, lifeless planet and there is a knock on the door…

This is a nice little episode filmed mostly in the claustrophobic interior of the ship. When the ship breaks down and an alien presence makes itself known, the terror, confusion and paranoia of the passengers is well played out.

Next week we start building towards the end of series finale with the return of Rose Tyler. After all the teasers throughout the series, it will be interesting to see how they bring her back.


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Watched the first episode of Fringe this morning. It is a sort of X-Files for the 21st century. When a plane full of skeletons lands at a US airport, FBI agent Olivia Dunham finds herself in increasingly bizarre territory as she tries to find a cure for her partner who has become infected with a similar condition to those on the plane.

I loved this episode from the opening sequence on the plane onwards. It looks good. The story was pretty good and there were enough teasers to conspiracies and hidden technologies for me to want to watch again. I only hope they don’t lose themselves in obfuscation like the X-Files tended to do.

So a good start and maybe it will develop into something that will wipe away the memories of the last couple of X-Files seasons. The new movie will certainly have to come up with something impressive to match this.

Genesis of the Daleks

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An online DVD store in the UK had some old Doctor Who DVDs going cheap so I bought myself four – 3 Dalek ones and a Cyberman one. The first one that I watched was Genesis of the Daleks starring Tom Baker and written by Terry Nation. I grew up with the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker Doctors so I probably saw this storyline when it was first broadcast in 1975.

I’ve got to say that this is a magnificent story. The Doctor has been set back in time to Skaro to stop the creation of the Daleks. The tone is very dark for a children’s TV series with thinly veiled references to totalitarianism, genocide and the holocaust. It stands up to the current series very well – OK the sets are a bit dodgy and Tom hams it up when he is attacked by the Dalek biological organisms – but all in all an excellent example of what the show was able to produce on a shoestring budget compared with today’s series.

Library Tales Too

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Well the latest Doctor Who has wrapped up the Library two parter by Steven Moffat. Like all good writers he has answered most of the mysteries set up in the first part while leaving some open for exploration in further episodes.

Listening to the commentary for this episode, it would appear that Moffat has known about his takeover for a lot longer than it has been known generally. I wonder if these last two episodes have been a chance for him to set up some new mysteries surrounding the Doctor than will be investigated during his tenure as lead writer.

His episodes have consistently been among the best of the revamped series and these two set in the Library are no different. Great stuff.