Thor (2011)


“Is this how you normally dress?”

“More or less.”

“It’s a good look.”


Went to see Thor today with the family. Great cast, good script and a good movie. It quite didn’t blow me out of the water like I was hoping it would (it suffers very slightly from first movie syndrome, I think) but we all enjoyed it nonetheless. I thought Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston were great as Thor and Loki. I was surprised when the credits came up and Ray Stevenson was listed in the cast as I didn’t recognise him – he plays a padded and hirstute Volstagg (though the padding needed to be greater to match the Volstagg of the comics). Visually it looked great but I could have gone for a little more action between the frost giants and Asgardians. Thor spends a lot of time exiled on Earth (which is fine as these sequences are good) but when he has his powers and is in his iconic armour that is when it all comes together for me – give me more mighty smiting!

The teaser at the end of the movie was thrilling. Samuel L. Jackson totally rocks as Nick Fury and I can’t wait for the Avengers movie next year – IMDB has him listed as doing a Nick Fury movie as well which would be great.

Revenge of the Fallen

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Went to see this yesterday – partly as a Father’s Day treat and partly as a treat for my boys for bringing home good report cards.

Really was underwhelmed. It had many of the problems of the first movie – it was far too long, too loud, too shouty and not enough plot to justify the length of the movie. Hot women are still blatently being treated as sex objects throughout and there are even more sex references than in the first movie – this is simply unacceptable in a movie based on a range of children’s toys.

Unfortunately, giant robots blasting each other for no good reason doesn’t appeal as much as it may have 30 years ago. My wife and the boys enjoyed it though – apart from all the soppy kissing stuff – so you may well too.

Watchmen Movie

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Looking at the compilation of comments that Joe made it would seem that my disappointment with the Watchmen movie is a minority verdict. So I thought I would say a bit more about my feeling on this movie. I will try to avoid spoilers but will assume that readers from this point on have at least read the comic.

First, I should say that I did go into the cinema looking for faults I went hoping to have a good experience like many of you have. I have liked other adaptations of Moore’s work even though they deviate considerably from the source so it is odd that I don’t like this one more than I do.

Like I said before as a literal translation of the comic from page to screen Snyder has done a pretty obsessive job in recreating those scenes and before the movie came out I was excited to see it based on the clips and trailers. However to fit the story into 2 hours 40 minutes he has had to sacrifice a lot and it is those sacrifices that have ended up making the movie feel like a hollow experience for me.

There was no connection to the ordinary people of New York like there is in the comic and that has left the movie with no heart, soul or emotional content. The cataclysm when it comes should tear at the heart but it just left me feeling nothing. And while I don’t mind the nature of the cataclysm changing (I always thought it was the weakest aspect of the original) I don’t think that the source of the new one would have the effect that Ozymandias desired.

I will probably buy the Blu-ray when it comes out and give it another chance (I have mellowed my attitude to the HHGTTG movie after further viewings) but I think deep down that it will take more than 30 minutes of extra footage to fix this movie.

I would encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves as there has been such a divergence in opinion. I hope you enjoy it.

Upcoming Simon Pegg Projects

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I love Simon Pegg and the work he does especially Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. So I was excited to see this in an interview on the BBC web site.


Tell us about your new film, Paul, with Nick Frost and when we can see it.

We’re shooting it next year so late 2009 or early 2010, but we’ve just got to finish off the script. It’s being directed by Greg Mottola who did Superbad and we’ll be shooting in New Mexico.

It’s a road movie about two friends who are comic book aficionados who go to the San Diego Comic Con and end up doing a road trip around America and get into all sorts of crazy scrapes.

And you’ve got one more film to come with Edgar Wright haven’t you?

Yes, The World Ends. That’s going to be the third one in the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz series of films. Edgar and myself have yet to write it, but he’s coming back from LA next week and we’re going to sit down and start hashing it out.


Sounds great to me. Pity there’s such a long wait in store. Sad

Note: I did post this as a new topic on the boards but it didn’t come up. Rather than post twice, in case it does finally appear, I have put it here in the meantime.

The Thing

There has been some talk about a remake or prequel to this movie. So tonight was finally time to view the copy that I bought myself recently.

I remember seeing this at the time in the cinema – was it really 26 years ago? I was blown away by it at the time – I was a real gore hound back then. It still stands up pretty well today.

The effects are great – the scene where the doctor tries to revive Norris being the stand out for me (I remember it being a real shocker the first time I saw it but of course you can never quite relive your first time). I think it is Carpenter’s finest film and I can see no sense in remaking it. A prequel would make even less sense it would be like someone being daft enough to write a prequel to the Star Wars trilogy. ;op

If a film is a classic leave it alone and don’t diminish it by making sub-standard remakes or sequels. Surely there must be someone in the film industry with an original thought in their head – make a name for yourself by creating a new classic.

Logan’s Run

As part of reliving my formative years, I got this out on rental from my online rental establishment.

It’s as cheesy as they come but still a good way of spending a couple of hours. Having said that the soundtrack is annoying in places as it sounds like the composer was given a synth and went away and tried to make as many sci-fi sounds as he could with it.

Anyway, what’s not to love about utopian futures where the women go around wearing diaphonous outfits out of barely enough material to cover themselves. And I think I might succumb to society where everyone is renewed at 30 if I had a machine which could dial up Jenny Agutter for an evening’s entertainment.


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Watched this good Spanish horror movie tonight. It’s a cross between Blair Witch first person camera work and 28 Days Later.

The story concerns a reporter and a cameraman making a documentary about the night shift at a fire station. They go out on a call to free a woman from her apartment only to find more than they were expecting. The apartment building is quickly quarantined and the people inside soon find they are dealing with a deadly contagion.

The movie starts slow and builds the tension really well. Once the disease is revealed the situation quickly escalates out of control. The claustrophobia of being trapped inside the apartment building adds to the tension nicely.

Although maybe not entirely original this is a good example of a sub-genre within horror that I don’t usually enjoy.

Star Wars

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You know there are times when I am glad that I never bought into the whole Star Wars thing.

I was 13 or 14 when the original Star Wars movie came out and I remember coming out of that thinking how disappointing a story it was. I never bothered with the other 2 movies. That early decision seems to have saved me a world of hurt.

My sons have seen the original trilogy – I try to keep them away from episodes 1-3 but it is hard. Luckily there are plenty of other better movies out there to divert them with.


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Saw Cloverfield on DVD tonight. It was OK. It was well shot for a movie that was supposed to be from the point of view of a guy with a camcorder but the story was pretty lame. There wasn’t enough screen time for the monster or its its vicious ticks. I am not a fan of the first person view through a camcorder type movie anyway – I have yet to see a good one – so I guess I only have myself to blame for watching it. Not one I will be revisiting in the near future.


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So it has finally opened in the UK and I am sitting at my computer for the first time since seeing it. I’ve got to say that I thought it was great! It was brilliant!! It was awesome!!! It was any superlative that you want to enter here …

Despite the name, I feel that was not a Batman film but a Joker one and as such it rocked my world to bits. Heath Ledger was outstanding as the Joker. For me he nailed a perfect portrayal of the dark and twisted clown prince of crime. He was psychotic. He was funny. He was a joy to watch.

Some people have expressed dismay or disappointment with the Joker’s makeup – I loved it. I think it fit in well with his fractured mind and the need to hide the irregular scarring around his mouth.

Finally, I also loved the makeup job on Two Face very much. All my attention has been on Ledger and his take on the Joker and I have missed any talk or pictures of Two Face. I wasn’t expecting something so graphically visceral. Excellent!