The Private Eye #1 (2013)

“Look, once upon a time people stored all their deepest, darkest secrets in something called ‘The Cloud’, remember? Well one day the cloud burst.” This is a new venture from Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin that is creator owned and only available online at a price that you choose…. Continue reading

Fairest #8-13 (2012-13)

“I wish they’d let me join them in death. I would have been a great ghost. Maybe I didn’t have the right hat.” This spin-off series from Fables enters its second major story line, and its first without creator Bill Willingham who remains as a consultant, with South African author… Continue reading

Nemo: Heart of Ice (2013)

“It’s just this coat. It’s so big and heavy sometimes.” A spin-off story from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books featuring Janni Dakkar as Captain Nemo. The normal creative team of writer Alan Moore and artist Kevin O’Neill are in charge again for this short adventure. Set in 1925, the… Continue reading

Fables: Cubs in Toyland (2013)

“Only silly Dorothys arrive in a magical land and want to go home.” The latest trade collection of the Vertigo series, Fables, takes us to volume 18 collecting issues 114 to 123 – marking 10 years of the series. The usual contributors are present again with writer Bill Willingham and… Continue reading