House of Mystery

House of Mystery is the title an old horror anthology from DC. Last year they revived it as an ongoing story but with stories by other creators within it. I started picking it up because it was the House of Mystery from the Dreaming and because Bill Willingham was involved.

I read the first 3 or 4 issues and wasn’t too fussed about it either way – I was enjoying the main storyline but the secondary stories weren’t as good and didn’t seem to have anything to do with the main plot. So I stopped reading it but I kept picking it up to give it a chance to improve.

Issue 15 was released recently and is the end of the third storyline. So this weekend I have been reading the those first fifteen issues. And I have to report that I am liking it a lot. The first five issues are still a bit meh but from issue 6 onwards the secondary stories relate more to the characters within the house and makes it a much more worthwhile read.

This was going to be a cut off point for this series for me – if I didn’t enjoy it I was going to drop it – but I will stick around for a while yet as it shows all the signs of being another Vertigo classic.