Watchmen Movie

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Looking at the compilation of comments that Joe made it would seem that my disappointment with the Watchmen movie is a minority verdict. So I thought I would say a bit more about my feeling on this movie. I will try to avoid spoilers but will assume that readers from this point on have at least read the comic.

First, I should say that I did go into the cinema looking for faults I went hoping to have a good experience like many of you have. I have liked other adaptations of Moore’s work even though they deviate considerably from the source so it is odd that I don’t like this one more than I do.

Like I said before as a literal translation of the comic from page to screen Snyder has done a pretty obsessive job in recreating those scenes and before the movie came out I was excited to see it based on the clips and trailers. However to fit the story into 2 hours 40 minutes he has had to sacrifice a lot and it is those sacrifices that have ended up making the movie feel like a hollow experience for me.

There was no connection to the ordinary people of New York like there is in the comic and that has left the movie with no heart, soul or emotional content. The cataclysm when it comes should tear at the heart but it just left me feeling nothing. And while I don’t mind the nature of the cataclysm changing (I always thought it was the weakest aspect of the original) I don’t think that the source of the new one would have the effect that Ozymandias desired.

I will probably buy the Blu-ray when it comes out and give it another chance (I have mellowed my attitude to the HHGTTG movie after further viewings) but I think deep down that it will take more than 30 minutes of extra footage to fix this movie.

I would encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves as there has been such a divergence in opinion. I hope you enjoy it.