The End is Near

So David Tennant has decided to leave Doctor Who after next year’s set of 4 specials. I can understand his desire to leave while he is still popular and before the role becomes a chore but I will shed a tear when the regeneration finally takes place.

David made this role his own through 3 series and became my favourite Doctor ever – debunking the myth that your favourite is the one you grew up with (sorry Jon and Tom). He is one of the main reasons that this show has been a successful revival. He is a great actor and protrayed the ultimate loneliness of the Doctor better than anyone else.

Let’s hope that next year’s storylines give him a fitting send off.

Upcoming Simon Pegg Projects

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I love Simon Pegg and the work he does especially Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. So I was excited to see this in an interview on the BBC web site.


Tell us about your new film, Paul, with Nick Frost and when we can see it.

We’re shooting it next year so late 2009 or early 2010, but we’ve just got to finish off the script. It’s being directed by Greg Mottola who did Superbad and we’ll be shooting in New Mexico.

It’s a road movie about two friends who are comic book aficionados who go to the San Diego Comic Con and end up doing a road trip around America and get into all sorts of crazy scrapes.

And you’ve got one more film to come with Edgar Wright haven’t you?

Yes, The World Ends. That’s going to be the third one in the Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz series of films. Edgar and myself have yet to write it, but he’s coming back from LA next week and we’re going to sit down and start hashing it out.


Sounds great to me. Pity there’s such a long wait in store. Sad

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