The Thing

There has been some talk about a remake or prequel to this movie. So tonight was finally time to view the copy that I bought myself recently.

I remember seeing this at the time in the cinema – was it really 26 years ago? I was blown away by it at the time – I was a real gore hound back then. It still stands up pretty well today.

The effects are great – the scene where the doctor tries to revive Norris being the stand out for me (I remember it being a real shocker the first time I saw it but of course you can never quite relive your first time). I think it is Carpenter’s finest film and I can see no sense in remaking it. A prequel would make even less sense it would be like someone being daft enough to write a prequel to the Star Wars trilogy. ;op

If a film is a classic leave it alone and don’t diminish it by making sub-standard remakes or sequels. Surely there must be someone in the film industry with an original thought in their head – make a name for yourself by creating a new classic.

Logan’s Run

As part of reliving my formative years, I got this out on rental from my online rental establishment.

It’s as cheesy as they come but still a good way of spending a couple of hours. Having said that the soundtrack is annoying in places as it sounds like the composer was given a synth and went away and tried to make as many sci-fi sounds as he could with it.

Anyway, what’s not to love about utopian futures where the women go around wearing diaphonous outfits out of barely enough material to cover themselves. And I think I might succumb to society where everyone is renewed at 30 if I had a machine which could dial up Jenny Agutter for an evening’s entertainment.


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Watched this good Spanish horror movie tonight. It’s a cross between Blair Witch first person camera work and 28 Days Later.

The story concerns a reporter and a cameraman making a documentary about the night shift at a fire station. They go out on a call to free a woman from her apartment only to find more than they were expecting. The apartment building is quickly quarantined and the people inside soon find they are dealing with a deadly contagion.

The movie starts slow and builds the tension really well. Once the disease is revealed the situation quickly escalates out of control. The claustrophobia of being trapped inside the apartment building adds to the tension nicely.

Although maybe not entirely original this is a good example of a sub-genre within horror that I don’t usually enjoy.


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Finished reading the latest Terry Pratchett novel this morning. It is his first non-Discworld novel in some time (I reckon his last was Johnny and the Dead in 1993). This one is another that is apparently for children but just reads like any other Pratchett novel to me.

It is set on an alternative version of Earth where things are much the same as here but just slightly different – for instance Australia is split into two land masses. The story concerns Mau a boy/man travelling back to his home island (the Nation of the title) after a manhood ritual on another island. During his journey he is overtaken by a massive wave which wipes out the population on his home and wrecks a ship from which only a young upper class white girl survives.

Mau has to take care of the dead, learn to live with Daphne, deal the ghost voices of the grandfathers and find a reason to keep on living.

This was a very enjoyable book that could be read by confident readers of any age. There is a lot of railing against the Gods in this book due to survivor guilt. But in the end it is an uplifting story as Mau and Daphne come to terms with their situation and Mau begins to rebuild the Nation as the refugees from other islands start to arrive.