You Know You’re Old When …

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Today is my youngest son’s birthday – he is 7 now but that is not what is making me feel old. One of the things that he suggested that he might like for his birthday was the DVD of the Transformers movie.

Who makes the decisions when making a movie based on a child’s toy that it should have bad language and sex references in it. Don’t they realise young children will want to see this movie and drag at least one parent along for the ride. Surely that is going to bring in more revenue than whatever teenage market they were aiming it at. It wouldn’t be hard to tone down the cussing a bit and remove the unnecessary references to masturbation and still have a great action movie.

We had to go and see it in the cinema last year but I have been holding off buying or renting the DVD mainly because of the sexual references. They ignored them at the cinema because they got lost in the action – and I think they were more taken with the Autobots trying to remain unseen in the garden. But it is only a matter of time now before someone asks me about it with repeated viewings at home.

Ah well, I suppose it was a talk that had to come sometime but I was hoping he would be older than 7 before I had to do it.

Kevin Hawkins

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Recently I have been reading the collected editions of the spin-off series from The Authority about the adventures of Kevin Hawkins. I have not read any of the other comics concerning The Authority and came to these mainly due to the fact that they were all written by Garth Ennis. I loved his work on his run on Hellblazer and Preacher but have not picked up much that he has wrote since.

I have to say that I loved these books. They are filled with sex, graphic violence and extreme bad language but all used with the humour that was prevalent in the likes of Preacher. I am sure that these are nothing like the main Authority books which appears to be a more mainstream story about a team of superheroes but they hold up in their own right and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on much by not having read any of the others – but I could be wrong ignorance is bliss after all.

I have now ordered the collected edition of the Midnighter that he also wrote and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival – though I don’t know what to expect from it. Is it a more traditional superhero tale or a more sarcastic/ironic look at the genre – such as was evident in some of the Kev stories? Either way I am hoping for great things. Also does anyone know if Kev appears in the Authority books themselves or is he restricted to his own mini-series?

Trace Memory

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This is the second in the new set of Torchwood novels. This one was written by David LLewellyn.

It is 1953 and a Cardiff dock worker, Michael Bellini, is working late unloading a mysterious crate for Torchwood. The crate explodes killing his co-workers but Michael is displaced in time turning up in the past of each of the members of Torchwood. Can the team help him? And who are the mystery figures in bowler hats who are hunting him down?

For some reason I didn’t like this book as much as the first book (see below). Which is unusual because I normally like stories about time travel and temporal paradoxes. It was a decent enough book and entertained me for a few days but it was just lacking something.


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Been watching the first series of this with my youngest son who has been off school sick. I let this pass me by when it first aired as I thought that it was going to be an insipid ITV series to try and challenge the Saturday night dominance of Doctor Who.

Looks like I was wrong. We have watched the first three episodes and we both think that it is great. It is nonsense but it is entertaining nonsense so far and developing quite nicely. I can’t wait to finish it off now.

Pink Floyd The Wall

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Watched this film again tonight. I never get tired of it. When it first came out in 1982 (oh where have all the years gone) I saw it in the cinema every day for about two weeks.

OK some of the imagery in the film isn’t subtle, and it is more than a little misogynistic, but it is a great cinematic experience and a worthy addition to their work.

Murder, Mystery and Giant Wasps

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Watched the latest Doctor Who tonight. Like most of the episodes so far this series, it was not bad but it was not really great either. It’s a shame but this year’s series has not really caught fire yet.

I can’t put my finger on why I am not enjoying this series as much as the previous ones. I think, after the high quality of some of the stories from the last series I came into this series too excited and the episodes have not met my expectations.

There is some hope for the future in that the second half of each series so far has been much better than the first half. Also the writer of my favourite episode, Blink, has a two part story coming up – if that fails to excite then I’m afraid this series may be a bit of a dud overall. Let’s hope that they can pull it out of the bag and start building up to a great end of series finale.

Something in the Water

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This is the first in the new set of three spin off novels from the Torchwood TV series. It is by Trevor Baxendale who has written a number of Doctor Who novels.

The team find themselves in mortal danger when a mysterious flu epidemic strikes South Wales. The cause is due to a water hag – an evil sprite that lives in stagnant water and preys on men. Typically the hag turns out be an alien bent on world domination.

It’s actually a good read and would have made an enjoyable episode of the series. The writer captures the essence of the characters without adding anything new to their development from the TV series. Set sometime before the end of series 2 – regular viewers will know what that means please don’t spoil the series for those who have not seen it yet!

Iron Man

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Went to see the Iron Man movie at the weekend with the rest of the family. I thought it was great. RDJ did a great job as Tony Stark and the Iron Man armour was awesome.

My two boys (ages 6 and 9) were disappointed that there wasn’t enough action on the screen. It is a common complaint with them about comic book movies that they want non-stop action and people in uniform all the time – no talky bits and definitely no smoochy bits.

My wife, on the otherhand, was embarrassed to be one of the about 10% of the audience who knew about/bothered to wait through the credits for the extra scene. Geeks r us.

I suppose the blockbuster of the summer I am looking forward to the most is The Dark Knight. I loved Batman Begins and Heath Ledger looks superb as a psychotic Joker.

Good Luck Rangers

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Wouldn’t you know it? My first post on my RevolutionSF blog has nothing to do with SciFi.

Currently listening to the radio commentary (hope to switch to TV when the kids go to bed) of the UEFA Cup Final. My team, Glasgow Rangers, are playing Zenit St. Petersburg and I hoping that they can win a second European trophy (it’s only been 36 years since the last one).

I hope they make the wait worthwhile.

Update: They lost 2-0. Can’t expect anything less when then don’t have the ball and can’t hold on to it when they do. I hope they don’t make us wait another 36 years for a European final – I might not be around that long!!!