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Roll for Ragnarok

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Aces & Eights — A Midnight Blaze of the Gory

What I love most about my long-running Aces & Eights campaign—it’s a tabletop, pen-and-paper roleplaying game—is that it doesn’t play like a classic, heroic Western. It plays like the kinds of Westerns I love most. It’s more like what the Wild West sounds like when you read the actual histories and first-hand accounts of the… (read more)

Aces & Eights – The Legend of Pecos Jake

In my every-other-Sunday group we have returned to my long-running Aces & Eights campaign. I have a lot of material on that campaign that I’ll eventually set up at this blog, but for now you can follow it at its own site, Guns In the Cauldron. In our most recent session, French-Canadian mountain man Antoine… (read more)