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Roll for Ragnarok

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Aces & Eights – The Legend of Pecos Jake

In my every-other-Sunday group we have returned to my long-running Aces & Eights campaign. I have a lot of material on that campaign that I’ll eventually set up at this blog, but for now you can follow it at its own site, Guns In the Cauldron.

In our most recent session, French-Canadian mountain man Antoine Beaujoureaux, slick-talking grifter Sly Murray, and famous young gunfighter (and recently appointed deputy marshal) Pecos Jake spent a couple of weeks settling into their new home in Lazarus, a prospecting boomtown in a little green valley just south of the San Juan Mountains.

Jake decided he liked the respect he got from wearing a deputy’s star, and he and Antoine helped rebuild the establishments that burned down the night of their last fight with the One Spur Gang. Antoine befriended a wealthy Indian with a familiar name who’d just moved into town. Sly set about making friends (or at least marks) among the townfolk and decided to try his hand at politics.

And the newspaper, the Lazarus Spectator, carried the news of their arrival and their battle with the One Spur Gang out to all the towns in the region — including some where Jake and Antoine may have left old enemies behind.

Read the detailed Actual Play report here.