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Roll for Ragnarok

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Archive for November 2012

‘If You Love It So Much’ — An Adventure for The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor

“If You Love It So Much” is a short introductory scenario I wrote for The Dreadful Secrets of Candlewick Manor, Benjamin Baugh’s critically acclaimed setting for his brilliant tabletop RPG Monsters and Other Childish Things. The scenario is available free. Download and enjoy!

Aces & Eights – The Legend of Pecos Jake

In my every-other-Sunday group we have returned to my long-running Aces & Eights campaign. I have a lot of material on that campaign that I’ll eventually set up at this blog, but for now you can follow it at its own site, Guns In the Cauldron. In our most recent session, French-Canadian mountain man Antoine… (read more)

The One Ring — The Old Road Trading Company

The player-characters in our campaign of The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild have changed a bit over time, as heroes in long-term games often do. We started with Kester, Falco, Gismund, and Caranthir, and at the hobbits’ encouragement those four founded the Old Road Trading Company to bring goods — especially… (read more)

The One Ring – Dice Roller

To go along with my Journey Calculator for The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild, last year I coded a simple online dice roller as a web app that can be used from any web browser and that looks good on phone screens too. I set it up to remember the most… (read more)