Relationships (sure)

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Dear Journal,

I hate writing. 10 pages are just to much. What’s wrong with teacher/professors? Why can’t 5 pages be enough? I mean 10 pages of writing… I need a life. And writing is not part of it. And I’m sure that for a teacher reading 10 pages from 30 students is definally not the greatest weekend of their lives. So why so many? Can’t they enjoy their weekend getting laid. (lol my solution for anyone that is to annoying or angry all the time). Anyways I’m pretty sure deep down in their hearts they are getting even for all the papers they wrote in their lives. (my simpathy for professors). Anywyas besides that I don’t have a life now, lol this was suppost to be about relationships. lol. Well I guess i’m the worse person to go to, since my experience is very limited. But Hey, maybe this is not your typical relationship with the oposite sex. It’s relationship with your professor, don’t have one unless he/she is cute or hot. (totally joking this paper is driving me insane). Of course out of all my teacher that had to make me write this one is the most unattractive one ( cute guys in my list : JD from Crubs, Hugh Jackman (totally cute) and computer shutdown, (can’t think of any more cute guys). …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Totally joking My boyfriend.. Totally cute, and since he talks about our sex life much to often, I guess he has the right (totally good lover). Status of Jack = Taken

What was I talking about? oh yeah unactractive proffessor I can’t even day dream in his class he always ask questions at random. Which keeps me focus and its a good thing, so its good bye day dreaming time.

Lets see in the news of Graduation (oh yeah, i’m the coolest, you know it) March 2008 I finally graduate with a B.S. in Business Administration and in June 2008 with a Finance Degree. OH yeah i’m the coolest.

Anyways I think i’m over the stress of writing 10 pages for the moment, I have tried to finish page 1 out of the 10 for A month and half and i’m still in page one. I guess i have to finish today.

I think i need to change the tittle of this.

IF you have read this… lol good luck getting your wasted time back.

okay, back to writing real paper page 1

P.S. I might regret this blog later, but for now, i’m to bored.

Joey you are amazing

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I know I didn’t have to brag about this to everyone.. I just have too. And I wanted to say that Joey you are incredible. And thank you very much for my grand NEW Silver Toyota Yaris. Its the nicest gift I have ever received from anyone in my life. Love you very much.. Lots of kisses.

Helena, Montana

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I arrive in Helena Montana about almost three weeks ago. After 25 hours of seating down on a bus full of people I arrive finally to my final stop. First annoying thing, boyfriend not on time to pick me up. I had to wait what felt like an eternity in the middle of no where. Of course boyfriend had a good "excuse" for being late, so his forgiving. What I thought was going to be a little mediocre town, turn out to be a really nice place to live. With deer and fawns walking on the side walk of the streets. Everything is green and the people are nice (so far). Although I like this little place in the middle of no where I can’t wait to go back to school. The sooner i start the better. I think what I’m more excited is that soon I’m graduating. Soon, but it has taken almost forever.

Orlando, Florida

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Very Happy Smile Laughing Very Happy

Well, in about four days I’m leaving Mudville Bakersfield, CA to go visit someone that is very important in my life in Orlando, Florida. Who could that possibly be? Of course my fiance. I haven’t seen him in about two months and I’m very happy to spend spring break with him. Well sweetheart four more days and I will be there with you. Love you so much. Update on the trip will come later. Wish me luck.

Stephen Hawking

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Something on my mind.

The smartest man in the world happens to be right now Stephen Hawking. I feel bad for the guy; he is so smart but disabled, which makes me think that’s the reason why he is so smart. He has nothing to do but think in his spare time. He can’t move and he is almost completely paralyzed with the exception of his eyes and some fingers. In a way he is Einstein Jr., especially because he has challenged Einstein’s black hole theory and related black holes to the Big Bang theory. This ensured Hawking’s reputation among physicists as an expert on black holes in space (among other things). He also has one of the best-selling physics books of all time. He has sold more physics books than Madonna has tried to sell sex. (Madonna’s recent book of her own physiognomy) I admire Hawking for being so smart and accomplishing so much despite his disability. But like he said, someone is always needed to fill up a spot and it just happens to be him to at the moment. It seems everyone has a place in the universe and we must find out for ourselves what purpose we are meant for.


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I’m not one of those people that like porn. The closest thing to porn I have ever watched is hentai, but than I find myself very annoyed by all the girls screaming. I mean it’s ok for an occasionally gasp or something normal to be sounded, but not screaming during the whole damn movie; that’s really annoying. My boyfriend likes porn, but than I find that kind of boring since why watch when you could be doing, right? Instead of that I find myself gaining interest in Manga hentai. To some it’s not as exciting, but hey I think its less annoying.

What I hear is that a lot of girls complain of their porn/hentai-addicted boyfriends. Now it seems that guys are more satisfied by watching than by acting. I wonder if it’s because after they hit the age of 20 their sex drive slows down??

Just something that has been on my mind.