Westworld Thoughts

SPOILERS here and in the comments.


Yul Brenner, right? I know, that was pretty awesome. Producer Nolan says it was just a tip of the hat to the movie so I wouldn’t get too excited about it.

So here are some quick theories about Arnold.

1. He is not dead and is some how creeping around the park still getting involved in things.
2. He is dead but has left a bunch of programming in the Park’s data architecture that is slowly unspooling over time through various hosts and appliances (like the router that was discovered) for a reason.
3. He has become some sort of AI that is a ghost in the system and various hosts.
4. A confederacy of awake hosts and sympathetic humans are acting under the name Arnold for some end, probably to wake up all the hosts.
Ok, there was more evidence of the two timelines theory this episode. The area that Bernard went down to had the old Westworld logos all over the place. Additionally the area looked practically war-torn. Was the Event of 30 years ago the first attempted awakening and uprising of the hosts that had to be put down across the park and then floor by floor through the complex? Things seem to be pointing that way, was Arnold leading that revolt killed and then had his death disguised to look like a suicide by Ford…maybe, too little data on that one.

We saw some evidence that Maeve is in the present time line, all of the employees were using those new datapads for example, and all the hosts were the new woven muscle look not the old robot in a skin suit look like young Robert bot (which we got to see the interior of in kind of an unsettling reveal)

Fully awake and brain amped Maeve is scary in ways that Yul Brenner only dreamed of. The Yul bot wanted to murder every human in the park, I get the feeling Maeve wants to rule it. She fought her way out of one of those logical lock down flaws, something we haven’t seen any other host do. It was kind of badass in a weird way.

One way or another Maeve is going to cause some havoc.

One of the technicians let slip the phrase “Orbital launch facility”, there is a lot behind that casual little statement.

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