It’s ArmadilloCon time again: Where I’ll be talking, signing, etc.


It hasn’t rained in forever, the mercury is hitting triple digits, and we’re just passed the halfway point of the baseball season. It must be time for ArmadilloCon once again!

This year’s con, the 38th such affair, takes place this coming weekend (July 29-31).

Guest of Honor: Wesley Chu

Special Guest (Artist): Dominick Saponaro

Artist Guest: Christina Hess

Editor Guest: Joe Monti

Fan Guest: Ken Keller

Toastmaster: Joe McKinney


Tachyon publisher Jacob Weisman and I having a good time at Armadillocon 38 (photo: Brandy Whitten)

Tachyon publisher Jacob Weisman and I having a good time at Armadillocon 38 (photo: Brandy Whitten)


As I have for roughly the past 25 years, I’ll be in attendance and because apparently the con organizers have learned nothing, I’ll be sitting in on several panels.

Fri 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Ballroom D
Allen, Finn, Klaw*, Lansdale, Williams

This session will include a history and appreciation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s character Tarzan, the evolution of the character over time, how different Tarzans have been suited to the times in which they were created, and, of course, the 2016 movie.

Cover by Rocky Kelley

Cover by Rocky Kelley

Sat 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Dealers’ Room
Cupp, Klaw, Hilbert, Johnson, Reasoner


Attack of the Sequels
Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Ballroom D
Johnson, Klaw*, Maresca, Moore, Sisson, Sullivan

All of this year’s big budget SFF movies were sequels. What are the implications for writers and fans?


Classic SFF for Your E Reader
Sat 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Southpark A
Hardy*, Klaw, Rose, Simmons, Wagner, Young

Out-of-print SFF classics are now showing up as e-books. What should you be downloading?

Cover by Alex Solis. design by Elizabeth Story

Cover by Alex Solis. design by Elizabeth Story

Comic Books on TV
Sun 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Ballroom E
Benjamin, Bennett, Ewing*, Klaw, Oliver, Rountree

Panelists talk about comics we are seeing on TV, which ones they like and why, plus any hot rumors as to what is coming up.


There will be one difference from previous years. I’ve decided to clear out some of the massively overcrowded Geek Compound, so I have a table this year where I’m selling a bunch of books, graphic novels, comics, and DVDs. Most of the books, graphic novels, and DVDs will be half cover or less (with a sprinkling of collectible books marked higher). Comic books will all be 50 cents each and ARCs $1. For every 4 items, you purchase you get one free (of equal or lesser than your lowest price item).


Hope to see everyone this weekend.

Come see me discuss Tarzan & other apey goodness


Luckily for me some things never go completely out of style. For example, Tarzan comes and goes. And for that reason, I’ll be discussing the legendary ape man from 7-8pm on Thursday, July 28 at Austin’s Malvern Books as part of their bi-monthly Fantastical Fiction series.

Cover by Alex Solis. design by Elizabeth Story

Cover by Alex Solis. design by Elizabeth Story

I’m guessing some other ape goodness will abound as I’ll be signing my anthology The Apes of Wrath (and pretty much anything else you put in front of me).

Hope to see you there.

THE APES OF WRATH is educational… no, really, it says so right here

Cover by Alex Solis

Cover by Alex Solis

Dr. Joan Gordon, co-editor of The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction and Queer Universes: Sexualities in Science Fiction as well as a frequent writer about the conjunction of science fiction and animal studies, used The Apes of Wrath as the centerpiece for her Hutton House Lectures (Long Island University) five session class “Going Ape in Fiction.”


This seminar will look at the portrayal of our close cousins, the apes, in fiction, as allegories, symbols, mirrors of ourselves, and mindful subjects. We will begin by reading selections from the anthology The Apes of Wrath, edited by Richard Klaw, and conclude with the novel We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler. In between, we will discuss relevant short non-fiction readings. For the first class, please read from The Apes of Wrath “The Apes and the Two Travelers” by Aesop, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” by Poe, and “Tarzan’s First Love” by Burroughs. You might want to prepare by visiting the zoo and eating a banana monkey-style.


Michel Parry, editor of THE RIVALS OF KING KONG, has died

THRVBSTS041978On Twitter, Kim Newman has reported that anthologist Michel Parry has died. Throughout the 1970s, Parry edited numerous collections including Archives of Evil (two volumes), The Mayflower Black Magic Stories (six volumes), Reign of Terror (four volumes), The Rivals of Dracula, The Rivals of Frankenstein, and most importantly from my perspective The Rivals of King Kong. As the first anthology devoted to ape fiction, Parry’s book at least partially influenced my own book The Apes of Wrath.  Five of the nineteen stories in Apes also appeared in Parry’s. This is what I wrote about Rivals in Apes:

Surprisingly, given the simian’s influential role in popular culture, only one previous anthology of ape fiction exists. Published in 1978 by Corgi, The Rivals of King Kong collected eight reprinted stories, two originals, and an excerpt from one of H. Rider Haggard’s Allan Quatermain books. Editor Michel Parry contributed the introduction and checklist of simian cinema. The difficult-to-locate collectible paperback original commands a ridiculous price ranging from $30-$200.

I didn’t know Parry personally, so I never got the chance to discuss apes with him or to learn what, if anything, he thought of my volume. Or if he even knew it existed or what he spawned.

So Michel, wherever you are, thanks for those early jungle trails.

Cover by Alex Solis

Cover by Alex Solis

Locus recommends THE APES OF WRATH

Cover by Alex Solis

Cover by Alex Solis

In the same February issue of Locus where Gardner Dozois reviewed Rayguns Over Texas, he included The Apes of Wrath among his recommended reprint anthology reads for 2013.

The best reprint anthology of the year was Twenty-First Century Science Fiction, edited by David G. Hartwell & Patrick Nielsen Hayden. There were also two big reprint anthologies for fans of the time-travel story, The Time Traveller’s Almanac, edited by Ann VanderMeer & Jeff VanderMeer, and The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF, edited by Mike Ashley, and a book of ape stories, The Apes of Wrath, edited by Richard Klaw. There was also a collection of stories written at the Clarion West Writers Workshop, Telling Tales: The Clarion West 30 th Anniversary Anthology, edited by Ellen Datlow.

I’m honored to be included among such esteemed company.

It could be just that he reviewed Apes not that long ago and it was still sitting next to his computer, but I prefer the idea that Apes was indeed among the best of the year.

Stuff received 12/2/13 – The Simian edition

Let’s take a quick look to see what’s arrived at the Geek Compound.

Actually the following all arrived on Saturday, November 30. The first via USPS from my pal Jacob Weisman, the publisher of my anthology The Apes of Wrath. Somehow, he just knew I’d find it cool!

robotic gorilla cover

Robotic Gorilla

by Paul Beck

Promo copy:

Moving from biology to technology, readers explore the worlds of gorillas and robots. For decades, scientists have looked to gorillas and other creatures for inspiration. The book teaches about gorilla behavior and anatomy, the design and development of robots, and what happens when scientists combine gorillas and robots. This complete kit to build a walking gorilla is sure to inspire young animal and robot enthusiasts. The robotic gorilla comes with a plastic case, an internal motor, moving arms and legs, illuminated eyes, and a snapping jaw. Also included are a 32-page book, 24 fact cards, and a 15″ x 20″ poster.

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My WorldCon schedule

As regular readers of this blog know, the forthcoming LoneStarCon 3 (aka the 71st Annual World Science Fiction Convention) August 29-November 2 in San Antonio, features the premiere of my new anthology Rayguns Over Texas plus a slew of other amazing events and guests.

In my multi-faceted identities as an anthologist, pop culture critic, and geek curmudgeon, I’m a busy man at the con. Let’s take a gander at my Labor Day weekend, shall we?

Thursday, August 29

1 PM Kaffeeklatsch: Gregory Benford, Rick Klaw
Riverview (Riverwalk)

3 PM The Apes of Wrath!
007A (Convention Center)
Rick Klaw, Howard Waldrop, Scott A. Cupp, Mark Finn, Jess Nevins (and possibly some other surprise guests)

Join Rick Klaw and his cadre of authors as they discuss the idea of a literary ape anthology and how it all came to be.

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Reception & Readings: Rayguns Over Texas
Offsite (Offsite)
Rick Klaw, Chris N. Brown, Jessica Reisman, Joe Lansdale, Josh Rountree, Lawrence Person, Stina Leicht, Mark Finn, Scott A. Cupp, Derek Johnson, Rhonda Eudaly, Sanford Allen, Matthew Bey and others.

This reception is the launch of Rayguns Over Texas, a new anthology edited by Rick Klaw and published by the Fan Association of Central Texas. Note: This event will be held at the central branch of San Antonio Public Library and is FREE to the public.

Cover by Rocky Kelley

Cover by Rocky Kelley

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Hide your apes! Klaw is coming to San Francisco

This coming apetastic weekend I’ll be in San Francisco promoting The Apes of Wrath.

First on Saturday:

SF in SF header image 1

April Reading: Mary Robinette Kowal & Rick Klaw

Saturday, April 20th

Doors and cash bar opens at 6:00PM
Event begins at 7:00PM
Seating is limited; first come, first seated
Suggested $5-$10 donation at the door benefits Variety Children’s Charity of Northern California.

Each author will read a selection from their work, followed by Q&A with the audience, moderated by author Terry Bisson. Booksigning and schmoozing follows in the lounge, with books for sale courtesy of Borderlands Books. Podcasting courtesy of Rick Kleffel, The Agony Column.

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