Cucumber Quest

Title: Cucumber Quest
Author: Gigi Digi
Start Date: 2011
Genre: Fantasy, comedy
Update Schedule: Almost daily


In the Doughnut Kingdom, a colorful world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, a young rabbit named Cucumber has a last meal with his mother and sister before being shipped off to a magic training school. The night before he leaves, though, he receives an urgent letter from his father, Lord Cabbage, that he has been imprisoned by the evil Queen Cordelia, who plans to rule the world by collecting the Disaster Stones and awakening the Nightmare Knight.

Cucumber and his sister Almond embark on a journey against his wishes (Cucumber wants no part in it, but Almond LIVES for the thrill of adventure) to find a magic sword which will defeat the Nightmare Knight and his top warriors, the Disaster Masters.

Recommended Age Group: All ages.


The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. Gigi Digi has wonderful line art and the use of colors really pops out like total eye candy. The characters are beautifully designed and the comic’s world is reminiscent of the Candy Land board game. The comic is also very well-written and the characters are hilariously quirky.


Cucumber Quest is written as an affectionate parody of video games from the SNES era, and as such, the characters will often face a recurring problem of plot-induced stupidity. It’s meant to be a gag to reflect where the comic drew its inspiration, but it may grate on some readers’ nerves to have reasonably intelligent characters suddenly act moronic regarding the subjects they admittedly have had knowledge about their whole lives.


I give this comic a wholehearted recommendation. This comic is a great gateway to introduce your children to fantasy. In fact, the comic recently had a successful Kickstarter to have it published as a children’s book, so look for it at your local bookstore (or online) soon. It’s a great fantasy for all ages to enjoy.