Title: Greenberry
Author: Liz Keene
Start Date: 2011
Genre: Fantasy
Update Schedule: Whenever


In this twist on the classic fairy tale The Frog Prince, a young princess wanders out of her castle and discovers a frog and turns him into a human with a kiss.

As you can guess by the image, the frog is NOT happy. He was already a prince of the Frog Kingdom, and he could lose his right to the throne if he remains in his human form. He brings the princess on an adventure to find a wizard to change him back.

Recommended Age Group: All ages.


I have a general rule not to review webcomics that are too young; I tend to give them time to develop their story before putting them on this blog.

Greenberry has turned out to be a surprising exception to this rule. One great strength to this comic is its pacing. We’re only 41 pages in, and the story is already well-developed so quickly! Most webcomics typically require several chapters before the gears start grinding, but this comic jumps right into the action.

Another notable characteristic of this comic is the art style. It’s very reminiscent of Shel Silverstein.


This comic seems to suffer the same problem as Buni, where none of the characters are named. Most of them are referred to as a title or what they look like. (Prince Frog VI? Yeah, that’s believable.)


I give this comic a wholehearted recommendation. If you’re a fan of twisted fairy tales or want to show your kids a sweet fantasy story that doesn’t make the source material darker and edgier (which seems to be a popular trend in fiction nowadays), this is totally worth your while.