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Sarah Connor Chronicles

Yes, Fox is continuing the Terminator franchise.
"Oh no! not the Friday death slot", you say. No! You would be wrong! Fox actually WANTS this to work, I
guess. It will air Mondays at 8pm, just before 24. From what I’ve seen (only the pilot) it looks REALLY good. Fox is putting some money behind it. Also, Summer Glau stars. MMM Summer….

Post the First

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So, this is my blog. Welcome. I work for a pair of TV stations in Buffalo, NY. No, we don’t have snow yet. Give us a week. Anyway, I figured I’d toss up some insight on this seasons TV programs. Hope you
like it.
Reaper: Underrated. Ray Wise is the funniest devil since George Burns.
I’m not sure it will last, but I like it
Heroes: What can I say that hasn’t been said?
House: you’d think tossing half the cast would make it a bad show. You’d be wrong.
Bones: Still funny, quirky, and mildly disturbing.
Nashville: Canceled after 2 episodes. Ah well. That’s Fox for you.
Kid Nation: Crap. Tried too much to hype it, and it fell flat.
Jail: If you are not watching this, you should be. It’s like Cops was when it first came out. Get on the bandwagon now. MyNetwork finally has
something good.
Journeyman: Angel 2.0. This won’t last either.
Smallville: In the words of my wife, it’s getting "too geeky". I find
that funny, considering it’s based off a comic book.
Supernatural: Premieres tonight here in the states. Looking forward to it.