Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer: 4-Word Reviews

We watched the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. These are all the thoughts we could muster as we sat agape before it. 

(Watch it for yourself. DO IT.) 


I couldn’t think of four words, so I gave you a thousand instead. — Michael Falkner, @womprat99


Chewbacca finally uses conditioner. — Deanna Toxopeus, @ubalstecha

Where are the Ewoks? — Jayme Blaschke, @JaymeBlaschke


Blergh? Nrrgh! HRNNNN! HRRRRRRNNNNHHH!!!! –KC Ryan-Pierce

Is Finn a Porg? — Nathan Laws, @42Cast

March of the Porguins. –Geena Phillips, @GeenaCanBlowMe

Definitely needs more Porgs. –Tegan Hendrickson, @Artful_Username

I’m Locuteness of Porg. — Michael French, @RetroBlasting

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