Star Trek Discovery Trailer Probe: 4-Word Reviews

Star Trek: Discovery! There is a trailer, and the RevolutionSF collective watched it.  The show will air “this fall” on CBS Access if you pay them money so you can watch it. (Sidebar: It will be on CBS Access whether you pay them money or not.) 

Watch it here!

We challenged each other to review the trailer using only four words.

If anyone wrote more than four words about the trailer, we made them read the comments from men’s rights activists about the trailer. That’s right. ALL OF THEM. Send us yours at RevolutionSF.

Yes! Yes! Oh YES!!!! –Gary Mitchel, @Gary_Mitchel

Make bigoted nerds cry! —Tegan Hendrickson, @artful_username

Pretty trailer. Ugly Klingons. –Jayme Blaschke, @JaymeBlaschke

Those are Klingons? OK. –Sue Kisenwether, @spaltor

Exciting trailer. Ugly fandom. –Michael Falkner, @womprat99



Michelle Yeoh. MICHELLE YEOH. –Van Allen Plexico, @vanallenplexico

Michelle Yeoh. Effing Finally! –Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Passing Bechdel? Flying colors. –Sue Kisenwether, @spaltor

We have Doug Jones! –Tegan Hendrickson, @artful_username

I miss Jonathan Archer. –John S. Drew, @drewshi2000

Automatically better than Voyager. –Mark Finn, @FinnsWake

Found anything yet?


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