RevSF 4-Word Reviews: Star Trek Discovery Premiere

RevolutionSF’s 4-Word Reviews is a delightful way to cram reviews into your brain without having to read, like, a bazillion words or something.

No Enterprise-style theme song?Joe Crowe

Should’ve aired both parts.  — Michael Falkner

It’s not Abrams. Yay!   — Dave Farnell

Required underwear scene? Check!  — Dave Farnell

Haters are highly illogical.   — Dave Farnell

Continuity does not matter.Mark Finn

Non-Trekkers, there’s the door.  — Mark Finn

You’ll watch it anyway.  — Mark Finn

My Trek is done.  — Michael Gordon

Found anything yet?

Just take my wallet.   — Ryan Guthrie

Really big Klingon subtitles!   — Jennifer Hartshorn

Loved the bridge sounds.    — Laura Haywood-Cory

Michelle Yeoh is amazing.  — Tegan Hendrickson

Listen to black women.  — Sue Kisenwether

Bechdel-Wallace pass within minutes.  — Sue Kisenwether

Loved it. Fight me.  — Sue Kisenwether

Warrior caste Drow Klingons!Shaun Rosado 


Argh! Want more Yeoh!  — Dave Farnell

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