RevolutionSF Remembers Peggy Hailey

One of our favorite people, Peggy Hailey, has passed away.

She was the first RevolutionSF “books editor,” the perfect role for her.

Peggy found RevSF co-founder Shane Ivey and me at, and when we started RevolutionSF, she was one of the first people we asked to work with us.

Peggy Hailey

Peggy Hailey.

In honor of Peggy, we’ve set up a donation address for the library where she worked. Anybody can donate, and all money will go to Runge Public Library in Runge, Texas. The address is

Members of our RevSF family posted their memories of her, including Alan Porter.    “I’ve never known a person with such a deep knowledge of literature and she never steered me wrong,” Alan wrote.

“I frustrated her since she said I never found a comma I liked,” wrote Rick Klaw.

You will enjoy about a zillion thoughtful, hilarious things Peggy wrote at her blog, Rampant Biblioholism. Start here: “Why Peggy Can’t Do Math.” 

She participated in a RevCast episode in a tribute to Terry Pratchett. 

Check out her love for the Remo Williams “Destroyer” novels. 

Thank you, Peggy.

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