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Movie Reviews and Features
Movies Editor: Jason Myers

Marvel Movies Get Spider-Man, Blow Off Everything Else
Where are you coming from, Spider-Man? (News by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, February 10, 2015.)

Movie Probe: The Garden
Ballerina vs. robots! (Review by Joe Crowe, December 30, 2014.)

Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One
Aaaaaaaaaargh! (Review by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, December 19, 2014.)

Trailer Probe: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Here are your correct opinions about the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer. (Review by Various artists, November 29, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: Marvel Throws Down Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel and DC movies. We talk about all the things. (Feature by RevolutionSF and @revolutionsf, November 11, 2014.)

Big Hero 6
"I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion." (Review by Tegan Hendrickson and @artful_username, November 07, 2014.)

The latest Nolan film is a gorgeous, emotionally-wrought and over long episode of The Outer Limits. (Review by Rick Klaw and @RickKlaw, November 07, 2014.)

Star Wars VII Subtitle Might Be OK, Is A Sentence
Star Wars: The Subtitle Arrives! (News by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, @yojoecrowe, November 06, 2014.)

Movie Probe: Ecstasy of Isabel Mann, Malevolents, Hollows Grove
A trio of Halloweenie movies for you to find and consume. (Review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, October 29, 2014.)

Justice League Movie Schedule Tosses Pebble At Mighty Marvel Throne
Aquaman is getting a movie. Hey, they said it, not us. (News by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, October 15, 2014.)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Spoiler filled review of a movie that is so Groot. (Review by Mark Bousquet and @markbousquet, August 04, 2014.)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Our RevSF Irregulars are hooked on a feeling, and also high on believing. (Review by Various artists, August 02, 2014.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion: Where Did The Geek Excitement Go?
Breaking down geek reactions in this brave post-Guardians era. (Feature by Tegan Hendrickson and Mark Finn, August 02, 2014.)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
These movies prove that we do not hate every ape we see, from Chimpan A to Chimpan Z. (Review by Tegan Hendrickson and @artful_username, July 27, 2014.)

Godzilla (2014)
The third act delivers the rompin` and the stompin'. (Review by Dan Haight, May 18, 2014.)

Godzilla (2014)
The tedious Godzilla sputters and spurts into mediocrity. (Review by Rick Klaw and @rickklaw, May 15, 2014.)

Sci-Fi Moms: Malla from the Star Wars Holiday Special
Let the wookiee mom win. (Feature by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, May 11, 2014.)

Trailer Probe: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rocket Raccoon and Groot in a movie. We have no words. (Review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf , February 19, 2014.)

Wonder Woman Actress Must Not Be Allowed To Be Awesome In Man of Steel 2
An actress will play Wonder Woman, but not the actress you wanted. Stay angry! (News by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, January 04, 2014.)

Native Americans and the boy from Gremlins vs. Bigfeet. But this movie had me at Gremlins. (Review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, November 26, 2013.)


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