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Movie Reviews and Features
Movies Editor: Jason Myers

Captain America: Civil War 4-Word Reviews
"D'awwww! Vision and Wanda!" (Review by Various RevSF Artists, June 04, 2016.)

Star Wars: Rogue One Revisions Freak Everyone Out
Well, actually, anger leads to the dark side. (News by Michael Falkner and @womprat99, June 01, 2016.)

14 Things You Missed in Batman v Superman. #6 Will Shock You.
Numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13 will shock you. (Feature by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, April 29, 2016.)

DC Comics Fans Are Upset Over Wonder Woman`s Female Lead
Angry Wonder Woman fans speak out, at long last! (Feature by Jayme Blaschke and @JaymeBlaschke, April 08, 2016.)

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice: 4-Word Reviews
"Waiting on Wonder Twins." (Review by Various RevSF Artists, April 07, 2016.)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Dazzling nonsense. (Review by Jayme Blaschke and @jaymeblaschke, April 05, 2016.)

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Zach Snyder destroys our childhood again. (Review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, March 25, 2016.)

10 Cloverfield Lane
A failed great film, 10 Cloverfield Lane plummets to the depths of mediocrity. (Review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, March 15, 2016.)

Not quite the madhouse one hopes, this animal-society Disney fare still entertains. (Review by Xander Johnson, March 02, 2016.)

Trailer Probe: Ghostbusters (2016)
"That stuff went everywhere." (News by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, January 22, 2016.)

Movie Probe: Prism
Moral ambiguity. A floating robot. This short film has it all. (Feature by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, January 22, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Remembers David Bowie and Alan Rickman
Thoughts and memories of the influence of two superstars. (Feature by Various RevSF artists, January 21, 2016.)

Star Wars Memories: The Phantom Menace
One fan`s journey through Star Wars: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Feature by Mark Finn and @FinnsWake, January 03, 2016.)

Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi: 4-Word Reviews
The challenge: Review the first three Star Wars movies. In four words. (Review by Various RevSF artists, December 18, 2015.)

Star Wars Memories: My First Exposure
Follow the journey of one fan through the history of Star Wars. ( by Mark Finn and @FinnsWake, December 16, 2015.)

Star Wars Prequels: 4-Word Reviews
We reviewed all the prequels... in four words or less. ( by Various RevSF artists, December 16, 2015.)

Our Love / Hate Relationship with Star Wars
A gaggle of RevSF zealots look at our history with Star Wars. (Feature by Various RevolutionSF Artists, December 15, 2015.)

Nintendo Quest
Nintendo fan seeks games and looks deep at the Nintendo legacy. (Review by Michael Falkner and @womprat99, October 19, 2015.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Hawk the Slayer Director Terry Marcel
We interview the director of the 1980 sword and sorcery classic and talk about the upcoming sequel! (Feature by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, September 11, 2015.)

Movie Probe: Chaos on the Bridge
Shatner interviews the stars and creators of Next Gen. Hijinks ensue. (Review by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, August 21, 2015.)


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