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Movie Reviews and Features
Movies Editor: Jason Myers

Like Lost in Space, if you were supposed to root for Dr. Smith. (Review by Alan J. Porter and @alanjporter, January 01, 2017.)

Arrival forces us to re-evaluate our standards of greatness. (Review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, November 13, 2016.)

Dr. Strange (2016)
The hoary hosts of Hoggoth smile upon this film. (Review by Gary Mitchel and @gary_mitchel, November 06, 2016.)

Blair Witch Project: Scariest Movie Ever
I would have welcomed barfing. (Review by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, September 16, 2016.)

Suicide Squad
A definite casualty of corporate desperation. (Review by Alan J. Porter and @alanjporter, August 06, 2016.)

Ghostbusters 2016: 4-Word Review
Four words. One movie. A million man-tears. Let`s do this. (Review by Various RevSF Artists, July 21, 2016.)

Your childhoods are safe! (Review by Michael Falkner, July 15, 2016.)

Captain America: Civil War 4-Word Reviews
"D'awwww! Vision and Wanda!" (Review by Various RevSF Artists, June 04, 2016.)

Star Wars: Rogue One Revisions Freak Everyone Out
Well, actually, anger leads to the dark side. (News by Michael Falkner and @womprat99, June 01, 2016.)

14 Things You Missed in Batman v Superman. #6 Will Shock You.
Numbers 3, 5, 7, 11, 12 and 13 will shock you. (Feature by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, April 29, 2016.)

DC Comics Fans Are Upset Over Wonder Woman`s Female Lead
Angry Wonder Woman fans speak out, at long last! (Feature by Jayme Blaschke and @JaymeBlaschke, April 08, 2016.)

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice: 4-Word Reviews
"Waiting on Wonder Twins." (Review by Various RevSF Artists, April 07, 2016.)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Dazzling nonsense. (Review by Jayme Blaschke and @jaymeblaschke, April 05, 2016.)

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Zach Snyder destroys our childhood again. (Review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, March 25, 2016.)

10 Cloverfield Lane
A failed great film, 10 Cloverfield Lane plummets to the depths of mediocrity. (Review by Xander Johnson and @xanjohn55, March 15, 2016.)

Not quite the madhouse one hopes, this animal-society Disney fare still entertains. (Review by Xander Johnson, March 02, 2016.)

Trailer Probe: Ghostbusters (2016)
"That stuff went everywhere." (News by Joe Crowe and @yojoecrowe, January 22, 2016.)

Movie Probe: Day People, Prism
Moral ambiguity. A floating robot. These short films have it all. (Feature by Joe Crowe and @RevolutionSF, January 22, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Remembers David Bowie and Alan Rickman
Thoughts and memories of the influence of two superstars. (Feature by Various RevSF artists, January 21, 2016.)

Star Wars Memories: The Phantom Menace
One fan`s journey through Star Wars: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. (Feature by Mark Finn and @FinnsWake, January 03, 2016.)


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