"The Legend of Shiitake" by Christopher J. Oatis
Lone wolf mushroom kicks ass, scorns tobacco

Christopher J. Oatis

Reaction to winning: "Wii are the Champions? I'm the Mushroom Man now, dawg? I don't know, I got nothing. It was mostly a lot of 'Did a read that right?', followed by a few Woo-Hoos."


"The Reply of Margarita Amanita" by Aaron DaMommio
Literary tale of cold and jilted mushroom woman

Aaron DaMommio

Reaction to winning: "I'm just excited to get something in print! I do tech writing for a living but I'm always working on stories."


"Roger Works, Man" by Andrew Godsey
Ordinary guy becomes unwilling major factor in war of 'shrooms

Andrew Godsey


"The Fleet Bolete" by F.W. Choi
Mushroom wasp-rider strives to save the Boletes' future

F.W. Choi


"Tales From the Suburbs" by Justin Gordon
Dad's house, car, and wardrobe get shredded by resourceful interlopers

Justin Gordon

Reaction to winning: ""This must be what Michael Phelps feels like when he writes about tiny sentient mushrooms."


"Fun Guy" by Derek J. Goodman
Mushroom men save barfly's bacon in joke contest

Derek J. Goodman

Derek J. Goodman is a frequent contributor to SPACE SQUID and Revolutionsf.com.


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