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RevolutionSF Fiction
Fiction Editor: Fred Stanton

RevolutionSF presents literate, strongly plotted science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Some of the tales are classic reprints from masters; some are rarely seen; others are presented in less traditional forms. There are tales from both the talented up-and-comers as well as legends in the field.

RevolutionSF is the home for unique imaginative fiction.

Recent Fiction

God Has Left The Building
After extraterrestrials make contact with mankind, can a man help his brother come to terms with what they reveal?

A Broken Promise
Slowly he reached in, inch by careful inch until he finally grasped Excalibur.

The prototype house at 619 Fairview is not just a smart home, it`s a partner. But what do you do when your partner wants to die?

Glass Coffin
A haunted house, a haunting song, and the fear of loss threaten a young man's life.

After The Jump
A hacking career takes a turn when a call comes from a dead friend.

The Makeover Men
Customize your appearance, and your apocalypse! Jayme Lynn Blaschke`s madman holds the plastic surgeon`s scalpel to the throat of humanity.

Walking Around Money
As children we are blissfully unaware of the big picture. When we look back on those bygone times as adults, how much of the horrors of everyday life do we recall?

Con Dorks 2: Chance of a Lifetime
The exciting conclusion to the greatest role-playing heist ever.

Con Dorks2: Chapter 25
Sometimes Dungeons and Dragons does lead to satanism and criminal behavior.

Con Dorks 2: Chapter 24
Sometimes Dungeons and Dragons does lead to satanism and criminal behavior.


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Complete Novels on RevolutionSF

Uncle Ovid's Exercise Book
By Don Webb

RevolutionSF, the revolution in sci-fi, is proud to announce the first online publication of Don Webb's classic collection of metamorphoses UNCLE OVID'S EXERCISE BOOK. First published in 1988 to great acclaim and winner of the Illinois State University/Fiction Collective Award, UNCLE OVID'S EXERCISE BOOK has sadly been long out of print. Beginning November 27, RevolutionSF is honored to feature a metamorphosis a week until all 97 stories of this highly unusual book are available online.

"UNCLE OVID'S EXERCISE BOOK is a lively BOOK OF THE DEAD for the 1990's, chanted by a chorus of uniquely demented voices. Imagine Sir James George Frazier meeting William S. Burroughs and H. P. Lovecraft for a quick round of musical whoopie cushions. Don Webb's wit, erudition, and imagination seem to have no limits as he pulls (at least) 97 different rabbits out of a single hat. He creates entire worlds with a few luminous details, then shatters them to glittering fragments. I wish I could write this well."
--Lewis Shiner, World Fantasy Award winner

"Part literary stunt, part dream diary, part reflections on society, and part necromantic incantation, this book is a collection of short segments (or ``metamorphoses''), each of which creates in the space of a few lines a world which other authors spin out into a novel. And then the story enfolds and climaxes with such a rush that it seems more like recollection than reading."
--From A Readercon Committee Recommended Reading List For Readercon12 (July 21-23, 2000)


The Transformation of Lawrence Croft, or Three Days of the Con-Dorks
By Mark Finn

RevolutionSF, the revolution in science fiction, is proud to announce the online publication of Mark Finn's novel of twenty-sided dice and comic books. And pizza. Almost forgot the pizza.

Originally published as "The Secret Life of Lawrence Croft" in the 2001 collection Gods New and Used from Clockwork Storybook, The Transformation of Lawrence Croft, or, Three Days of the Con-Dorks is greatly revised and expanded from its original incarnation.

MagicCon is an ordinary fantasy/science fiction convention. Three days of comic books, anime, and X-Files jokes, which is exactly what Larry and his friends are looking for. Unfortunately for Larry, a long-forgotten Roman god named Stercutus is primed to make a comeback, and this particular god's sphere of influence really stinks....

"Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, etc.) fans will enjoy and [it] could well become as much a classic of the convention experience as has Sharyn McCrumb's Bimbos of the Death Sun."
--Charles de Lint

"It's funny, mean, scary, and very true to life. If you are a member of fandom, this book is over the top!"

"It is nothing less than Band of Brothers for the con-going set."
--Jayme Lynn Blaschke, RevolutionSF Fiction Editor


A House-Boat on the Styx
By John Kendrick Bangs

RevolutionSF, the revolution in science fiction, is proud to announce the online publication of John Kendrick Bangs' novel of gentlemen's social clubs, luxury, style, and aquatic transportation in the afterlife. Plus, there's a good bit with Shakespeare in there as well.

Upon the river Styx, the boatman Charon has held a monopoly on ferry travel since time immemorial . . . until, that is, the day a house-boat intrudes onto his tranquil waters, upsetting his carefully ordered life and career. The house-boat is actually quite nice, not a problem in and of itself. No, it's those darn shades of the dead relaxing on board that invariably complicate matters. What's an honest ferryman to do?


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