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Comics Archives

Adventures of Alibi Jones
A promising new sci-fi comic book. (By Sarah Arnold, November 21, 2011.)

Akira Volume 3
Volume III may be a little funnier than you expected, but Akira is still what American cyberpunk has tried to be all along. (By Kevin Pezzano, July 19, 2001.)

Akira Volume 4
Katsuhiro Otomo's classic series stumbles in Volume 4, but fascinating character development keeps it worth the long read. (By Kevin Pezzano.)

Alex Ross: Better Reading Through Art
His work can turn a great story into an instant classic. Revolution takes a look at Alex Ross' contributions to comics, and finds it a much better place. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Amazing Spider-Man #36: A Preview
In J. Michael Straczynski's upcoming special, Marvel deals with the terrorist attack head-on. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen
"Why does Fat Boy of Metropolis Jimmy clean out an entire pool with just one cannonball?" (By Jorge de la Cova, July 09, 2007.)

Asterix and Cleopatra
If you're curious about the best French import since champagne and baguettes, the classics are still most worth finding. (By Sarah Dove.)

Asterix and the Actress
After 40 years, the offbeat French satire is fun and colorful as ever. (By Amy Harlib.)

The Authority : An Appreciation
In the first few issues of The Authority, they killed God and saved the world. (By Kenn McCracken, June 26, 2008.)

Axe Cop
This webcomic about the world`s toughest policeman and his dinosaur partner is required reading. (By Daikun, May 21, 2012.)

Baker's Dozen with Bill Fountain
Rick Klaw interviews artist, filmmaker, blues critic and school teacher Bill Fountain, who returned to comics recently with "The Raven." (By Rick Klaw, February 01, 2006.)

Baker's Dozen With John Lucas
Rick Klaw sits down with the artist of Detective Comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, and Army of Darkness. (By Rick Klaw, December 10, 2004.)

Baker's Dozen with Terry Moore
Popular comics creator Terry Moore discusses life after Strangers in Paradise, his new series Echo, science fiction, and atom bombs. (By Rick Klaw, April 11, 2008.)

Baker's Dozen with the creators of The Damned: Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt
The creators from the Damned come clean. (By Rick Klaw, May 25, 2008.)

Baker`s Dozen with James Bond, Cars writer Alan J. Porter
Alan Porter, author of James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007, sits down with our resident Geek Curmudgeon to discuss comics, Cars, Star Trek and of course Bond. James Bond. (By Rick Klaw, March 26, 2009.)

Baker`s Dozen with Paul Benjamin
Mythology, high school, and myth figures in high school, with Pantheon High writer Paul Benjamin. (By Rick Klaw, March 29, 2007.)

Baker`s Dozen: Robert Vendetti and Brett Weldele, creators of The Surrogates
RevolutionSF editor-at-large Rick Klaw and The Surrogates creators Robert Vendetti and Brett Weldele discuss the future, the seduction of technology, and that which cannot be revealed. (By Rick Klaw, July 20, 2009.)

Barry Ween, Boy Genius
Forget the real world - Judd Winick's twisted humor and fantasy are much more fun. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Batman and Grant Morrison: Batman vs. Bad Art
One Bat-fan understands Morrison more the second time around. (By Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: Loving the Magnificent Genius Bastard
A Bat-fan learns to love magnificent genius bastard Grant Morrison. (By Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: The Appeal of Bat-Fandom
How one reader learned to stop complaining and love Grant Morrison`s Batman comics. (By Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: When Editors Attack
One Bat-fan vs. the Bat comic editors. (By Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Before Watchmen: RevolutionSF Watercooler
New Watchmen comics are coming. The Internet went all Rorschach. Here are our thoughts. (By RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), February 03, 2012.)

Brad Meltzer : RevolutionSF Interview
Already a bestselling author, Brad Meltzer now faces a new challenge: taking over Green Arrow after Kevin Smith's phenomenal run. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke.)

Buffy Season 8, Issue 1
The 8th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer starts up, in convenient comics form. (By Paul Benjamin, March 05, 2007.)

Can’t See the Forest #43
Reviewing the reviewers: Alan J. Porter looks at the comics magazines. (By Alan J. Porter, October 28, 2003.)

Can't See the Forest #39
November 2002: A Month in Comics. (By Alan Porter, November 27, 2002.)

Can't See the Forest #40
None of this serialized stuff -- it's on to the big thick bad boys of the comic world. (By Alan J. Porter, January 29, 2003.)

Can't See the Forest #45-46
A special double-issue of comics reviews! (By Alan J. Porter, September 29, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #47-48
Another double dip into the comics bin! (By Alan J. Porter, October 18, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #49-51
This time it's a triple dip in the reviews bin, from Action Comics to Star Wars Empires and a whole lot in between. (By Alan J. Porter, November 08, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #52-53
This week's comic reviews: All-Star Superman, a fistful of Jonah Hex, X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Nothing Better, Local, old-school Batman and a double shot of Spider-Man. (By Alan J. Porter, November 28, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #54
This week's reviews: Captain Universe: Invisible Woman, The Thing, Uncanny X-Men, Witchblade and Books of Doom. (By Alan J. Porter, December 09, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #56
This week's reviews: Hatter M, Rock 'n' Roll, What If: Captain America and Hard Time. (By Alan J. Porter, December 21, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #57
This week's reviews: Bad Planet, Narwain Preview, Teen Titans, X-Factor. (By Alan J. Porter, December 28, 2005.)

Can't See the Forest #58-60
This week's reviews: Blood of the Demon, Bojeffires Terror Tome, Catwoman, Detective Comics, Fantastic Four Special, Batman: Gotham Knights and more. (By Alan J. Porter, January 19, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #61
This week's reviews: Ares, Daughters of the Dragon, Elfquest, Hawkman, TMNT and Raven. (By Alan J. Porter, February 01, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #62
This week's reviews: Buckaroo Banzai, Fury: Peacemaker, Psy*Comm, Showcase Presents, Steady Beat, Underworld, Thunderbolt Jaxon. (By Alan J. Porter, February 09, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #63
This week's reviews: Legends of the Dark Knight, Incredible Hulk, Jeremiah Harm, JSA and Welcome to Heaven Dr. Franklin. (By Alan J. Porter, February 16, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #65
This week's reviews: Amazing Fantasy, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, First Family, Justice League Unlimited, Retro Rocket. (By Alan J. Porter, March 20, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #66
This week's reviews: Conan: Book of Thoth, Green Arrow, Painkiller Jane, Superman and Truth, Justin and the American Way. (By Alan J. Porter, March 27, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #67-69
DC’s One Year Later comics continue. A Hawkman-free Hawkgirl gets her own book, and a new non-dead Blue Beetle debuts. (By Alan J. Porter, April 14, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #70
"Casanova," "Eternals," and Archie-like vampires. (By Alan J. Porter, July 13, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #72-73
Deadman without red tights, Xena, and what happened to the Martian junk after the War of the Worlds? (By Alan J. Porter, August 29, 2006.)

Can't See the Forest #74
Reviews of "Battlestar Galactica," "Blade," "Criminal," "Ultimate Power," and the "Lone Ranger" in convenient comic book form. (By Alan J. Porter, September 28, 2006.)

Can't See The Forest #75
Our comics guy looks at Spider-Man, Jonah Hex, Detective Comics, Styx Taxi, and Civil War. (By Alan J. Porter, January 16, 2007.)

Can't See The Forest #76
Reviews of Civil War,New Avengers,Star Wars: Legacy, and Wisdom, and a metric ton of others. (By Alan J. Porter, February 15, 2007.)

Casual Comic Book Reader: Alan Moore
From gritty supers to swampy horror, Alan Moore still does it better the rest. (By Tim Stoltzfus, August 08, 2002.)

Casual Comic Book Reader: Animal Man, Jonny Double
July 18, 2002 : Animal Man Vol. 1 and Jonny Double. (By Tim Stoltzfus, July 18, 2002.)

Casual Comics Reader : Fury, Queen and Country
July 2002: Two new collections that will make you anything but a casual reader. (By Tim Stoltzfus, July 03, 2002.)

A cop gets psychic flashes on the history of everything he eats. Hijinks ensue. (By Joe Crowe, April 14, 2011.)

Christian Gossett : RevolutionSF Interview
Christian Gossett invented Darth Maul's lightsaber and created The Red Star, one of the best comics on the market. A while back he sat down to talk to us about it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comic Book Probe: Saga, Batman
Collections of alien drama Saga and the latest from Batman get reviews. (By Sarah Arnold and @sarah_arnold , April 09, 2013.)

Comic Books : RevolutionSF`s Best of 2008
Our list of Superman, Captain America, and the other good stuff in comics for 2008. (By Jay Willson, December 31, 2008.)

Comic Con 2004 Independent Comics Round-Up and Review
Dark or bright, sparse or lush, Web or print. RevolutionSF explores indie comics at the San Diego Comic Con. (By Andrew Kozma, April 24, 2005.)

Comics of 1986 # 4: Watchmen
22 years before there was a movie, we were all over naked blue Dr. Manhattan. So to speak. (By Chris Roberson, April 25, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 # 5 : Fantastic Four
Byrned out: the Fantastic Four series ruled back in 1986. (By Jay Willson, February 27, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 # 6: Teen Titans
DC's Teen Titans made it how high up in the 1986 countdown? (By Alan J. Porter, January 15, 2008.)

Comics of 1986 #10: Squadron Supreme
Hyperion, Nighthawk, and the Whizzer (yes, The Whizzer) took over their world, and revolutionized superhero comics. (By Chris Roberson, June 28, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #11: Uncanny X-Men
Rachel Summers! Cable! Stories that never ended! (By Alan J. Porter, June 27, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #12: Avengers
An evil guy ripped up a picture of Captain America's mom in 1986. Not cool. (By Joe Crowe, May 17, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #13: Amazing Spider-Man
The Hobgoblin bedeviled Spidey in the prehistoric days before Venom. (By Alan J. Porter, May 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #14: Swamp Thing
Alan Moore got back to nature for his take on Swamp Thing in 1986. (By Jay Willson, April 23, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #15: Dark Horse Presents
Dark Horse set the standard for anthologies with early appearances of Sin City and Concrete. (By Rick Klaw, April 22, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #16: Groo the Wanderer
"Did I err?" (By Jens H. Altmann, March 05, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #17: Legends
Superman, Dr. Fate, and the Shazam guy all on the same Earth. Mmmmm... comic books. (By Joe Crowe, March 05, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #18: Miracleman
Miracleman is the best thing ever. (By Chris Roberson, February 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #19: Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe
Marvel's Handbook brings us closer to true nerdity. (By Joe Crowe, February 15, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #20: Saga of Swamp Thing
Alan Moore's Swamp Thing comics are less silly-ass than the Swamp Thing movies. But they're great reading anyway. (By Jay Willson, January 16, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #21: Action Comics
John Byrne, Superman, rinse, repeat. (By Jay Willson, January 16, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #22: American Flagg!
One of the most iconic and snarky books of the 1980s. (By Mark Finn, December 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #23: Classic X-Men
Journey back to the day when there were fewer than 37 X-Men titles every month. (By Alan J. Porter, November 30, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #24: Daredevil
Daredevil from back when no one had ever heard of Ben Affleck. (By Jay Willson, November 28, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #25: Epic Illustrated
"Epic Illustrated" managed to do what Heavy Metal often did not: It made sense. (By Mark Finn, October 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #26: New Mutants
A reminder of two great things about being a teenager: Angst and superpowers. (By Paul Benjamin, October 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #27: The Shadow
Howard Chaykin, Uzis, and a flopped 1980s revival of the legendary pulp hero. (By Mark Finn, October 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #28: Thor
SKRAKATA-SKRAKATA-BOOM! Verily, this was good stuff that started to fade in 1986. (By Jay Willson, September 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #29: Who's Who
Thrill to the exploits of Balloon Buster and other DC Comics legends. (By Joe Crowe, September 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #30: X-Factor
Yes, the comic where Marvel threw their greatest story ever right in the crapper. (By Shane Ivey, September 12, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #31: All-Star Squadron
Dozens and dozens of superheroes, all beating Nazis so hard they starved to death rolling. (By Joe Crowe, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #32: Batman
How the Caped Crusader changed our comic editor's life. No, seriously. (By Alan J. Porter, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #33: Batman and the Outsiders
See, Geo-Force had earth powers. Hence the Geo. (By Jay Willson, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #34: Booster Gold
Twenty years ago, Booster Gold arrived to show us the way. (By Paul Benjamin, August 11, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #35: Cloak and Dagger
A superhero duo and the cheap sales stunts that messed 'em up. (By Alan J. Porter, July 23, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #36: DP7
Let us remember Marvel's New Universe and its incredibly obvious thought balloons. (By Paul Benjamin, July 22, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #37: DESTROY!!
A loving look back at the "LOUDEST COMIC BOOK IN THE UNIVERSE." (By Jay Willson, July 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #38: Detective Comics
In which Batman struggles with vampire chicks and a descent into lameness. (By Jay Willson, July 02, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #39: Longshot
An original Marvel character that stayed cool? That'd be a Longshot. (Sorry.) (By Paul Benjamin, June 19, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #40: Love and Rockets
Comic-book females who acted like real people. Who knew such a thing was possible? (By Jay Willson, May 31, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #41: Marvel Fanfare
Marvel Fanfare: The book that fans in 1986 hated so much they bought every issue. (By Joe Crowe, May 26, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #42: Moonshadow
The fantastic and surreal "Moonshadow" ushered in a new era of horror comics. (By Rick Klaw, May 08, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #43: Omaha the Cat Dancer
After this title arrived in 1986, we would never look at kitty cats the same way again. (By Jay Willson, May 08, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #44: Power Pack
See, it's brothers and sisters, and their last name is Powers, and they have powers.... (By Paul Benjamin, March 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #45: Secret Origins
DC revises its history! Stop the presses and call grandma! (By Joe Crowe, March 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #46: Secret Wars II
The omnipotent Beyonder comes to Earth -- and learns how to pee. Thanks, Spidey! (By Alan J. Porter, March 02, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #47: Superman
Say, what did happen to the Man of Tomorrow? (By Jay Willson, February 27, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #48: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man
Four-color crack. It's all Peter Parker's fault. (By Alan J. Porter, February 20, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #49: The Spirit
Will Eisner. What else is there to say? (By Alan J. Porter, February 16, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #50: X-Men/Alpha Flight
This mini-series saw one of Kitty Pryde's shining moments. Or did it? (By Paul Benjamin, February 13, 2006.)

Comics of 1986 #7: Elektra Assassin
In 1986, there was no Elektra movie. Bill Sienkiewicz's miniseries is good stuff. (By Paul O. Miles, July 13, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #8: Heroes Against Hunger
A zillion comic creators got together for a charity jam comic in 1986. (By Jay Willson, July 13, 2007.)

Comics of 1986 #9: History of the DC Universe
DC's post-Crisis history all made sense for about five minutes. (By Jay Willson, June 30, 2007.)

Comics of 1986: The Best Year Ever
Take a look back to a single year that changed comics forever. (By Alan J. Porter, February 13, 2006.)

Comics Pull List Review: 2002
Win a few, lose a few -- the world of one reader's comics in 2002. (By Jason Shayer, January 03, 2003.)

Comics Reviewlution : New X-Men, Angel and the Ape
August 23, 2001 : Tangled Web #5, Rogue #1, Angel and the Ape #1, and New X-Men #116. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution : Red Star, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four
July 2001: Comics reviews aplenty. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution Manga Blowout: September 2004
Teens! Shopping! Sorcery! The utter horror of a psycho girlfriend! (By Kevin Pezzano, October 27, 2004.)

Comics Reviewlution: A Moment of Silence
Jan. 10, 2002 : A Moment of Silence, Adventures of Superman #600, Felon #2, Rising Stars #17, Transmetropolitan #52. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Abdazad, Secret Identity
March 22, 2004: Secret Identity, Abdazad, Conan, and more! (By Kevin Pezzano and Robert Mansperger, March 22, 2004.)

Comics Reviewlution: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
November 9, 2001: Alias #3, Vampi Digital #1, JLA/Haven: Arrival #1. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Adventures in the Rifle Brigade, Cyclops, Vampirella
August 9, 2001 : Vampirella #1, and Transmetropolitan #48. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Amazing Spider-Man, Godshead
Feb. 11, 2002: Spider-Man #38, S.C.I. Spy #1. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Astonishing X-Men, Ex Machina
Sept. 2004: Astonishing X-Men, people! Damn! And Jubilee: damn. (By Kevin Pezzano, October 27, 2004.)

Comics Reviewlution: Authority, The Hood, Deadpool
May 30, 2002: Authority, Action Comics, The Hood #1, and Deadpool. (By Kenn McCracken, May 30, 2002.)

Comics Reviewlution: Authority, Thor
Dec. 8, 2001: Ultimate X-Men, Thor. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Barry Ween, Green Lantern
September 10, 2001 : Daredevil: Yellow, Green Lantern #142, Ultimate Spider-Man #13, Barry Ween: Monkey Tales, and Superman #174. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Batman, New X-men
Jan. 8, 2002 : Batman: the 10¢ Adventure, New X-Men #121, and Alias #5. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Batman/Deathblow, Felon
April 26, 2001: Attack of the Clones, Felon. (By Joe Crowe.)

Comics Reviewlution: Cage, Batman, The Order
March 1, 2002: The Order #1, and Howard the Duck #2. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Captain Marvel, High Roads, Plastic Farm
April 4, 2002: Captain Marvel #30, High Roads #1, Morlocks #1, Pounded #1, Deadline #1, and Plastic Farm #1-3. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Cla$$War, Just A Pilgrim
March 27, 2002: Fused, Thing / She-Hulk: The Long Night, and Just a Pilgrim: Garden of Eden. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Deadline, DC First, Fathom
May 7, 2002: Buffy #44, Fathom #14. (By Joe Crowe, May 07, 2002.)

Comics Reviewlution: Defiance, Hawkman, Exiles
March 12, 2002: Defiance #1, Hawkman #1, Strange Killings #1, and Exiles #11. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Ex Machina, Ghostbusters, Astonishing X-Men
June 27, 2004: Good stuff in the comics. (By Kevin Pezzano and Others, June 20, 2004.)

Comics Reviewlution: Ghost Rider, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up
Sept. 20, 2001 victims: Ghost Rider #4, Superman: Man of Steel #118, and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #7. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Giant Flash Annual, Ultimate Spider-Man
Oct. 8, 2001 : Giant Flash Annual 1963, Amazing Spider-Man #35, and Doom Patrol #1. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Green Lantern, Fables
May 22, 2002: Spider-Man Blue, and Marvel Knights Double Shot #2. (By Kenn McCracken, May 22, 2002.)

Comics Reviewlution: Howard the Duck, Flash
Jan. 24, 2002: JSA #32, Howard the Duck . (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: JLA, X-Treme X-Men
Dec. 31, 2001: Xtreme X-Men Annual 2001, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #11, and Hellblazer #169. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Marvel Mangaverse. Rabbit With Big Pointy Teeth
Jan. 21, 2002 : Incredible Hulk #36, Marvel Mangaverse: New Dawn #1, and a Rabbit with Big Pointy Teeth! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Midnight Nation, Barry Ween
December 14, 2001: Adventures of Superman #599, Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius vol. 3 #5, and Killer Princess #1. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Nightcrawler, Four Women
December 4, 2001 : New X-Men #119, Fury #3, Transmetropolitan #51. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Our Worlds at War, Hellblazer
August 30, 2001: X-Force #119, CrossGen Supplement/Wizard #121. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Red Star, Legion, Paradise X
Oct. 25, 2001: The Red Star>#7, Nightside#1, Legion #1. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Taskmaster, Power Company, Muties
Feb. 15, 2002: Muties #1, and New X-Men #122! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Treehouse of Horror, Transmetropolitan
Oct. 15, 2001: Fury #2, Four Women #1, (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Ultimate Spider-Man, Planetary
Aug. 1, 2001: JLA #56, Ultimate Spider-Man #12, and Planetary #15. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Reviewlution: Ultimates, Dark Knight Strikes Again
Feb. 4, 2002: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #12. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Comics Screed : January`s Over
Sating your need for comic book stuff, including Demo, Scalped, Batman, and Captain America. (By Jay Willson, February 06, 2008.)

Comics Screed : War Heroes, The Stand, Shazam! for kids
A new publisher, and the return of Congorilla! (By Jay Willson, March 21, 2008.)

Comics Screed : Items!
Spider-Man continuity gets flipped and flopped, and other buzz from the comics. (By Jay Willson, January 14, 2008.)

Comics Screed : JMS, Demo, and Defenders
Comics in Straczynski's future, and Captain Britain and Demo are set to return. (By Jay Willson, March 10, 2008.)

Comics Screed: 2008 Preview
A look at what's to come in 2008's comics. (By Jay Willson, January 02, 2008.)

Comics Wrap-Up : Moving Pictures, The Playwright, BB Wolf and the Three LPs
Read these comics! Well, most of them. (By Sarah Arnold, January 10, 2011.)

Creature Tech
The Shroud of Turin. Hillbilly insectoids. Demonically possessed cats. Giant space eels. Anything here caught your interest yet? (By Nick Brownlow, October 02, 2002.)

CrossGen Comics - Bucking The System
One year, five books, twelve issues each, every one on time and most of them pretty damn good. CrossGen is worth checking out. (By Kenn McCracken.)

CrossGen, Cross Country
Things get interesting when CrossGen Comics takes the floor. (By Kenn McCracken.)

The Damned
What would happen if Clive Barker wrote The Godfather? (By Mark London Williams, May 25, 2008.)

Dan and Larry in "Don't Do That"
It looks cute and harmless. It's neither. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Dark Knight Strikes Again
Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns was incredible. The sequel? Not so much. (By Joe Crowe, August 21, 2002.)

The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1
It's here! But does it live up to the original? (And should it have to?) (By Kenn McCracken.)

Daughter of Dracula
Dracula's daughter and the Red Baron, in love. Ain't that sweet? (By Van Allen Plexico, December 11, 2007.)

DC Comics 2005: Crisis? What Crisis?
Everybody's talking about the next big DC shake-up. But just getting there has been fun enough. (By Daniel Robert, October 18, 2005.)

DC Comics Relaunch 2011: A RevolutionSF Retort
Our comics fan rebuts the DC relaunch. (By Sarah Arnold, September 08, 2011.)

DC Comics Revamp Crisis 2011: A RevolutionSF Special Retort
Our nerds react to DC Comics' crazy-ass plan. (By RevolutionSF, June 03, 2011.)

DC Goes Ape!
One of our resident ape authorities, Rick Klaw swings through the wilds of some of the best ape stories DC has to offer. (By Rick Klaw, October 25, 2008.)

Devilchild Vol I: Hell Is Around the Corner
It's that old son of Satan storyline -- but with British humor and cynicism. (By Alan J. Porter, August 28, 2002.)

Diana Prince: Wonder Woman
This collection shows off 1968's Wonder Woman, with no powers, but retaining her bad taste in men. (By Jorge de la Cova, February 16, 2008.)

Diary of a Mad Man: Adventures at Comic-Con 2001
Legends, fans, and adventures in air travel. RevolutionSF covers Comic-Con! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Golgoth rules the world. Or does he? (By Robert E. Mansperger, Jr., July 05, 2004.)

Farewell to Gotham
A longtime Bat-fan sees little hope in the comics where it all began. (By Alan J. Porter, September 29, 2005.)

Finn`s Wake : Beware the Blue Menace
Evildoers, beware... The Blue Menace! (By Mark Finn, November 04, 2002.)

Finn`s Wake : Fool Your Friends!
Fool Your Friends! (By Mark Finn, May 04, 2003.)

The Flash: Blitz
The Reverse Flash returns, the Flash has to deal with the consequences of his moral decisions, and the lapsed "Flash" reader gets the perfect opportunity to jump back into this comic with this trade paperback collection. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, August 06, 2004.)

Flouting Authority: The Tony Lee Interview
The writer of the upcoming Dr. Who comic book talks Doctors, companions, and the new TV series. (By Alan J. Porter, April 14, 2006.)

Frank Cho and Scott Kurtz : RevolutionSF Interview
We cornered the cartoonists behind PvP and Liberty Meadows and made them talk. The results, like their comics, are mighty funny. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, November 04, 2002.)

Free Comic Book Day: RevolutionSF Preview
One of our guys writes the Cars comic book, and it is cost-free at Free Comic Book Day. (By Jay Willson, May 02, 2009.)

Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
Out of back issue bins and back in print! Howard Chaykin and Mike Mignola's take on the sword and sorcery icons. (By Alan J. Porter, April 21, 2007.)

From Hell
Do comic books finally have their Citizen Kane? (By Chris Roberson.)

Garth Ennis: As Nasty as He Wants to Be
Garth Ennis is a madman. Thank goodness. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Gen 13 : The Never-Aired Cartoon Movie
Comic book adaptations that never appear are EXTREME!!!! (By Joe Crowe, March 03, 2006.)

Girl Genius
The best kind there is. Of genius. (By Andrew Kozma, October 17, 2006.)

God Shop: Interview with Alan J. Porter
What would you do with the powers of a god? We would interview the writer of a comic about using the powers of a god. (By Jay Willson, August 23, 2008.)

Grant Morrison - Bigger is Better
He invented The Invisibles, he breathed life into JLA, and now he's breathing life into the X-Men: Grant Morrison is a writer who reminds us why those titles became classics in the first place. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Graphic Language : Alias, Black Panther, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 2, Route 666, Alias, and Transmetropolitan. (By Various Contributors, July 26, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Alias, Powers
Nov. 13, 2002: Alias and Powers (By Jason Franks, November 13, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Apache Skies, Authority, Metal Hurlant
This week: The Ultimates, Weapon X, and Apache Skies. (By Various, August 20, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Apache Skies, Negation, Vision, Spider-Man
Nov. 21, 2002: Amazing Spider-Man, Way of the Rat, and the Vision and Apache Skies mini-series. (By Jason Shayer, November 21, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Doom Patrol, Killraven
Oct. 24, 2002: Doom Patrol, Ultimate X-Men, and Killraven. (By Jason Shayer, October 24, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Filth, 100 Bullets, 30 Days of Night
July 4, 2002: Filth. (By various artists, July 04, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Green Lantern, JLA/ Planetary, Hellboy
Sept. 12, 2002 : Green Arrow, JLA/ Planetary, Hellboy, and Kenn returns to the needle. (By Various, September 12, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Jack Staff, Thundercats, Egomania
Aug. 8, 2002 : Avengers, Egomania, and Jack Staff lead the week's reviews! (By Various Contributors, August 08, 2002.)

Graphic Language : Transmetropolitan, Avengers, Hellblazer
Oct. 3, 2002: Avengers, Hellblazer, Soldier X, and Transmetropolitan's final issue. (By Various, October 02, 2002.)

Graphic Language, Batman, Battle of the Planets, X-Statix
Aug. 11, 2002: Batman: Gotham Knights, Strangers in Paradise, and Hawkman. (By Various Contributors, August 01, 2002.)

Graphic Language: Agent X, Hellblazer, Punisher
Agent X, Hellblazer, Avengers, and more! (By Various, September 05, 2002.)

Graphic Language: JLA, Midnight, Mass., Soldier X
Aug. 29, 2002: JLA, Midnight, Mass., Soldier X (By various, August 28, 2002.)

Graphic Language: Powers, Tom Strong, Ruse
July 7, 2002: Powers, Tom Strong, Scion. (By Various Contributors, July 11, 2002.)

Graphic Language: X-Men, Thor, The Path
For 12/9/02: X-Men, The Path, and Way of the Rat. (By Jason Shayer, December 10, 2002.)

Graphic Language: Y: The Last Man, Ultimates, My Monkeys Name Is Jennifer
July 18, 2002: Y: The Last Man, The Ultimates, and Stormwatch: Team Achilles. (By Various Contributors, July 18, 2002.)

Graphic Payload, 13 March 2005
Another saturation-bombing of comics reviews, from Astonishing X-Men (whoohoo!) to Young Avengers (eh). (By Gary Mitchel, March 13, 2005.)

Graphic Payload, 19 January 2005
Conan, CSI, Powers, Full Frontal Nerdity, Space Ghost, JLA Classified, Manhunter, Identity Crisis, New Thunderbolts, Ultimate Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Madrox, and Astonishing X-Men: It's a comics-review saturation bombing! (By Gary Mitchel, January 19, 2005.)

Heavy Liquid
Fast and furious story and images -- it's science fiction on angel dust, as only Paul Pope can tell it. (By Nick Brownlow, August 20, 2002.)

Pretty soon, everybody's going to be talking about how cool Hellboy is. Here's your chance to beat the rush. (By Mark Finn.)

Herbie Archives Volume 1
You don't have to buy Herbie Archives Volume 1. You can be stupid. Only means blood, fractures, teeth scattered around, not nice. (By Paul O. Miles, November 13, 2008.)

Heroes: Marvel 9/11 Tribute
Buy a copy. Pass it on. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Hey Kids! Let's Draw Comics: Tom Nguyen's Incredible Comics
Comics art instruction from the artist of Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. Seriously. (By Jay Willson, March 10, 2008.)

Hey Kids: Let`s Draw Some Comics!
A look at Ben Caldwell's Action Cartooning. (By Jay Willson, February 05, 2008.)

Hey, Wait
For all the childlike lines of the art, Hey, Wait is beautiful and heartbreaking in its realism. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Hulk Comic Books Suck / Rock
Comics fans knew Hulk first. Some of us dug the Hulk, some of us didn't. But he was ours before he was yours. How do you like that, normals? (By RevolutionSF, June 11, 2008.)

I Can See Your House From Here
Seducing the Innocent: A dirty, subversive look back at the Comics Code Authority. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here
Fame and Loathing at Comic-Con. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.03)
Kevin Smith has assured us all that he's not a homophobe. So what? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.04)
Anyone else wonder what Todd McFarlane smokes in the morning? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.05)
Are online columns a waste of time? Well, that's up to you, now, isn't it... (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.06)
Sometime's it's not racist - just stupid. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.07)
Sometimes the creative muse can be a real bitch. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.08)
Will Harlan Ellison kick Internet piracy? Maybe not, but it should be fun to watch. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.09)
Superheroes are real, after all. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here (V 2.10)
Do you kids know what intolerance is? (No, it's not why your grandmother has plastic sheets. That's a lesson for another day.) (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here - v 2.35
He's ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille... (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here - v 2.44
Feeling comfy yet? (By Kenn McCracken, July 18, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.30
On Death, Blue Crack, and New Orleans. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.31
Power struggles, religious bickering, the Olympic spirit, and how second place sucks rocks. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.32
Everything I need to know about life I learned from... Image Comics? (By Kenn McCracken, March 13, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.33
An open letter to Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada... (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.34
Oz and the comic book murderer: who's up for a killing? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.36
Spider-Man is coming, and it might do us all a little good. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.37
Tarantella, Spider-Man, graduation day. (Better late than never!) (By Kenn McCracken, May 08, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.38
You WILL try comics. (By Kenn McCracken, May 30, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.39
Exploitation: It's what's for dinner. (By Kenn McCracken, June 08, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.40
Heed the creative impulse... whichever direction it takes you. (By Kenn McCracken, June 15, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.41
What do you need? (By Kenn McCracken, June 27, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.46
Why are the little green men so dumb? (By Kenn McCracken, August 01, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.47
Words, words. Words? WORDS! (By Kenn McCracken, August 08, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v 2.51
When is an anniversary best left unmentioned? (By Kenn McCracken, September 10, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here v. 2.45
Kenn can read—books! (By Kenn McCracken, July 26, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, V 2.11
If everyone's a cynic, will it still be any fun? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, V 2.12
Getting rejected in the RevolutionSF contests? Comics editor Kenn McCracken knows how you feel. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, V 2.13
The horror... The horror... and Friends reruns! (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, V 2.14
We can't wait to see them, and we usually can't stand them: film adaptations are the movies we hate to hate. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, V 2.15
Coming full circle: age is meaningless, right? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.16
What's the secret to Making It? That's the fun part: there isn't one! (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.17
Yell and scream all you want: if you still pay the cash, the product won't change. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.18
The creator sells the work, the audience buys it; but do they owe each other something more? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.19
If a creator has responsibility to the audience, what does the audience owe the creator? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.20
Attacking the Clones. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.21
An early Happy New Year, and other hateful clichés. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.22
Got problems in life? Comics can help! (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.23
When it comes to comics history, are you cheap or are you easy? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.24
Comics, writing, acting, or wrestling: passion and perseverence are what set you apart. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.25
Is it theft, or is it art? (You won't have to pay a thing to find out!) (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.26
Forget science fiction and comics for a moment; sometimes cats and dogs mean a great deal more. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.27
Sometimes stupid little disagreements are anything but... (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.28
Is there anything dumber than the Internet? (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.29
Crying wolf and the return of Rob Liefeld. (By Kenn McCracken.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.43
Comics are better than ever. Isn't it time to start showing them to the rest of the world? (By Kenn McCracken, July 11, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.49
Kenn's been in the huffable chemical closet again -- must be the heat. (By Kenn McCracken, August 29, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.50
No pay, no benefits... what's not to like? (By Kenn McCracken, September 03, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v 2.52
One final look at your house before I go... (By Kenn McCracken, September 17, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v. 2.48
1/3 of the way into fifteen minutes: 20 Questions with Kenn McCracken (By Kenn McCracken, August 21, 2002.)

I Can See Your House From Here, v.2.42
Turn and face the strange.... (By Kenn McCracken, July 04, 2002.)

I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets!
Villains get victimized by tsunamis and giant flaming hands in this collection from a lost Golden Age great. (By Rick Klaw, July 13, 2007.)

Identity Crisis #2-#4
DC's Justice League mini-series reaches a brutal middle chapter. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, September 29, 2004.)

Identity Crisis #5-#7
Wild ups and downs mark the finale of Brad Meltzer's grim Justice League mystery. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, January 20, 2005.)

Immortal Iron Fist
If you do not read Iron Fist, we just do not know you anymore. (By Jay Willson, July 27, 2008.)

Indy Comics Showcase: Noah Van Sciver
"Maybe a homeless man was following me around or something." (By Jay Willson, April 21, 2009.)

Indy Comics Showcase: Runners by Sean Wang
Our comics guy interviews the Tick artist and creator of The Runners webcomic. (By Jay Willson, June 20, 2009.)

Invincible : The Cartoon Series
Invincible comics held up to your face really close while someone reads them to you. (By Joe Crowe, September 22, 2008.)

Iron Man: Great Moments In Iron Man History
"He's a cool exec with a heart of steel." (By Joe Crowe, May 01, 2008.)

Jack Kirby Characters : The Top 10
"I'll put a barrelful of lumps on you! I've no time to coddle your neuroses!" (By Jay Willson, May 28, 2008.)

Jack of Fables
The Fables spinoff lurches to a less than satisfying end. (By Wesley Kerr, April 13, 2012.)

Jack Staff is . . .
. . . worth every penny. Go get it. Would guest columnist Chris Roberson lie to you? (By Chris Roberson, October 18, 2005.)

Joe Quesada and Marvel Comics
Joe Quesada set out to save Marvel Comics. Go figure; he's doing it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

John Allison`s Scary Go Round
Here there be goblins, devil bears, various cults, witches, long-lost gods, and mad science. (By Andrew Kozma, December 31, 2007.)

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: The Director's Cut
The Director's Cut is classic Jhonen: disturbing, over-the top, violent, provocative, thoughtful, and funny as hell. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Joss Whedon's Serenity
A three-issue comics miniseries bridges the gap between TV show and movie -- but it just doesn't add much worth reading. (By Shane Ivey, September 29, 2005.)

JSA: Stealing Thunder
For old-school superheroics with modern-day sensibilities, you can't beat JSA. (By Chuck Hensey, July 11, 2002.)

Judd Winick : RevolutionSF Interview
From Barry Ween to Green Lantern, RevolutionSF hits Judd Winick with all the hard questions. (By Kevin Pezzano and Joe Crowe, September 29, 2002.)

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe
This series might make you want to stop facing front, True Believer. (By Joe Crowe, October 26, 2002.)

Justice League Elite #1
Justice League goes hardcore. (No, not porn. The other kind.) (By Martin Thomas, August 27, 2004.)

Kabuki Agents: Scarab #1-8
From the deft art to the unpredictable transformations, you'll want to read Kabuki. You just won't want to wait for it. (By Russ Anderson, August 01, 2002.)

Kirby Krackle
"Along Yancy Street, I never saw a face I did not want to beat." (By Joe Crowe, January 15, 2010.)

Knight Rider, Airwolf Comic Books
80s TV revived as comic books! What would Ernest Borgnine think? (By Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, October 29, 2013.)

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Brilliant, funny, and violent, League is a book not to be missed. (By Shane Ivey, July 13, 2003.)

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. I
The series so good we can't stop reviewing it... (By Russ Lee, August 28, 2002.)

Afloat for twenty years, why has the Leviathan failed to dock in New York? Come aboard for this tale on the infernal seas... (By Matthew Pook, June 07, 2007.)

The Making of an American Geek, Part 2: Hey Kids, Comics!
Mark Finn loves the comic books. (By Mark Finn, July 18, 2002.)

The Matrix Comics
Forget "Reloaded" and "Revolutions"; if you want to enter the Matrix, this is the only ticket you need. (By Kevin Pezzano, January 12, 2004.)

Me and Edith Head
It's short, it's inexpensive, and it's wonderful. You can't go wrong. (By Alan Porter, August 08, 2002.)

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
Cute mice with swords! (By Alan J. Porter, June 15, 2007.)

Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Atmospheric and deep, the title that put Neil Gaiman on the map is still a brilliant read. (By Kenn McCracken.)

New Avengers: Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Their Amazing Friends
The New Avengers are neither new, nor really Avengers. Discuss. (By Van Plexico, September 28, 2005.)

News from Comic-Con 2001: DC Comics
The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a new Wildstorm imprint, Paul Dini on Zatanna, and much more. (By Kenn McCracken.)

News from Comic-Con 2001: Marvel Comics
Kevin Smith on Black Cat, Rucka and Amano on Wolverine and Electra, Jill Thompson on Night Nurses, and tons more news! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Newsblast Archives : Steal New Thieves World Books
Jan. 24, 2000: Steal these books. (By Joe Crowe.)

Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
Bang! Boom!! Fattooommm!!! It's a comic. It's got men in spandex. It's stoopid. And it's by Warren Ellis. (By Matthew Pook, April 03, 2007.)

On Iconic Superhero Costumes
For superhero costumes, design is everything. (By Ian Watson, December 31, 2007.)

Warren Ellis' story of a lost space shuttle returning to Earth is encouraging, optimistic, and more science eventuality than science fiction. (By Dana Broe, August 08, 2003.)

Planetary: All Over The World and Other Stories
If you haven't read it, we can't begin to tell you what you've missed. Glories. (By Robert R. Chase, September 13, 2001.)

Pulpy Goodness : The Spider, The Shadow, Doc Savage
Pulp heroes return with better paper. (By Jay Willson, November 16, 2008.)

The Punisher : Welcome Back, Frank
While waiting in line for the Punisher movie, check out the best version of the character ever to hit comics. (By Gary Mitchel, May 05, 2004.)

The Red Star
The Red Star is one of the most moving, thrilling, and beautiful works of comic art to come along in years. The revolution begins here. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Remembering The Crow: To Build A Temple To Sadness
"The emotion overwhelms any criticism I might offer." (By Kenn McCracken.)

RevolutionSF Celebrates the Comics of 1986
Check out the 50 best comic books of 1986, the very best year in comics. (By Alan J. Porter, February 13, 2006.)

RevolutionSF Comics Preview : Wednesday Comics
A new DC comic every week that looks like the Sunday funnies, but without the crushing depression of Funky Winkerbean. (By Jay Willson, April 20, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win The Molting by Terrance Zdunich
Win The Molting, the comic book from the creator of Repo! The Genetic Opera. (By RevolutionSF, August 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Contest : Win the Surrogates Comic Book (Now With Winners)
Win the Surrogates comic book before your robot duplicate gets it. (By RevolutionSF, September 22, 2009.)

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion : McDonalds, Marvel vs. Killjoys
Kids, do not paint yourself silver and surf through the galaxy. (By Mark Bousquet, August 15, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : Girls With Slingshots creator Danielle Corsetto
A talk with the creator of a sitcom webcomic about graphic novels and funny stuff. (By Sarah Arnold, December 16, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview : The Molting Creator Terrance Zdunich
Repo! The Genetic Opera creator talks about his comic book, art classes, and cockroaches. (By Matt Cowger and Rebecca Panovich, August 27, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Interview: Cars writer Alan J. Porter
RevolutionSF writer Alan J. Porter writes the new Cars comic book. Awesomely, we must add. (By Jay Willson, January 09, 2010.)

RevolutionSF Podcast: DC Comics Rebirth
DC relaunches yet again, and we are here to talk for hours about it. (By Various RevSF Artists, July 15, 2016.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Joe Kubert
Far too few words about comic book legend Joe Kubert. (By Mark Finn, August 13, 2012.)

The Riot Act Review: Kurt Busiek's Astro City
The return to Astro City is almost here, and what better time to catch up on old stories from the city? (By Russ Lee, August 20, 2002.)

Y The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan starts up a new sci-fi comic book. (By Sarah Azrarnold, March 16, 2012.)

San Diego 2001: The JLA / Avengers Panel
The long-awaited crossover is finally happening! (By Kenn McCracken.)

Sandman: Endless Nights
Neil Gaiman returns to the series that made him famous with this uneven but fascinating collection of short comics. (By Kit O'Connell, April 04, 2004.)

The Sandman: Endless Nights
Neil Gaiman returns to his most famous work. (By Jayme Lynn Blaschke, November 17, 2004.)

Scott Pilgrim
A slacker, his friends, and ninja battles. (By Jay Willson, November 10, 2008.)

Shooting Star Comics Anthology
An anthology that's not for art-farts. (By Joe Crowe, June 03, 2004.)

Showcase Presents Dial H For Hero
The oddball, goofy, awesome 1950s DC comic is collected in phonebook form. (By Jorge de la Cova, May 03, 2010.)

Showcase Presents: Superman Volume 1
"Comics crack" for the DC Universe? (By Paul Miles, November 30, 2005.)

Spider-Man : Turn Off The Dark musical
An awesome review of the Spider-Man musical. Note that we said the review is awesome. (By Tom Bessellieu, April 29, 2011.)

Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko / Jack Kirby : King of Comics
The histories of two of comics' greatest creators unreel in two books. (By Jay Willson, November 03, 2008.)

The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone
The prequel to the futuristic hit deepens and broadens the world first visited in The Surrogates while amazingly offering a social novel in the vein of The Bonfire of the Vanities. (By Derek A. Johnson, July 20, 2009.)

Ten Reasons to Read Comic Books
Think of this as a gift. Your life will be a little brighter if you accept it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Terry Moore's Echo
A year after the end of the 14-year Strangers in Paradise saga, Terry Moore goes sci-fi in his newest comic, Echo. (By Peggy Hailey, April 11, 2008.)

A series about villains who step into heroes' roles, Thunderbolts started great. (By Joe Crowe.)

Top Shelf Roundup: Liar`s Kiss, Chester 5000, Lucille, Any Empire
A few from the Top Shelf comics catalog. Spoiler alert: They are all awesome. (By Sarah Arnold, August 16, 2011.)

Tree of Woe : The Worst Comic Books of 2000s
RevSF takes no mess from 10 years in the comics industry. (By Jay Willson, December 20, 2009.)

The Trials and Tribulations of Comic Book Buying
RevolutionSF comics editor debuts, owns up to owning Pride and Prejudice comics. (By Sarah Arnold, November 18, 2010.)

Two Cent Review: Incredible Hulk: Return of the Monster
This isn't your father's Hulk. Unless your father was a fan of The Fugitive. (By Evan Cantrell, August 20, 2002.)

Two Cent Review: September 2002 Previews
Metabarons, The Legend of Supreme, Flash. (By Evan Cantrell, September 09, 2002.)

Two Cent Reviews : The Path, Hammer of the Gods
Asgardians and fighting. (By Evan Cantrell, October 24, 2002.)

Two Cent Reviews: Daredevil, The Authority, JSA
Daredevil, BPRD, and JSA. (By Evan Cantrell, October 10, 2002.)

Two-Cent Review: August 2002 Preview
Global Frequency, Green Arrow, Y: The Last Man. (By Evan Cantrell, August 08, 2002.)

Two-Cent Review: Catwoman: Dark End Of The Street
Catwoman: not just for oversexed fanboys anymore ( finally!). (By Evan Cantrell, September 24, 2002.)

Two-Cent Review: Ruse
Mark Waid in top form. Stunning art. Pick up Ruse. (By Evan Cantrell, August 01, 2002.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades From 1990s, 2000s
Good stuff from Joe R. Lansdale, Tim Truman, and Mike Mignola, including Jonah Hex, the Lone Ranger, and Batman! (By Rick Klaw, various artists, October 01, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades 1940s to 1960s
Comics that have never been put in trade paperbacks, including Sea Devils! Congorilla! And Cave Carson! (By Various RevolutionSF artists, September 28, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from 1960s and 1970s
More comics no one ever put in trade paperback, including Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. (By Rick Klaw, various artists, September 29, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from 1970s to 1980s
1980s toy tie-ins and other comics have never been in trade paperback. We want Micronauts! (By Rick Klaw, various artists, September 30, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades from the 1980s
Green Arrow, The Shadow, and early stuff from Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis are among comics from the 1980s that never got trade paperbacks! (By Rick Klaw (editor) and various artists, September 30, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles : Missing Comic Book Trades Master List
The master list of comics that should be put in trade paperbacks for our convenience. (By Rick Klaw (editor) and Various RevolutionSF artists, September 28, 2010.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles Update: Sugar and Spike, Flex Mentallo,
You`re welcome, comics fans! Presenting our list of comics that were collected since we did our big list of long-lost comics. (By Various RevolutionSF artists and Rick Klaw (editor), April 29, 2012.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles: Missing Comic Book Trades, 1930s to 1940s
These comics have never been collected in trade paperbacks. That is just crazy. (By Rick Klaw (editor) and Various RevolutionSF artists, September 27, 2010.)

Vertigo takes the Warhol mythos to new heights with this involving graphic novel. (By Iain Emsley, January 29, 2004.)

From magic to horror, mystery to Westerns to superheroes, Vertigo has hosted some of the most groundbreaking comics of a decade and more. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Walking Dead Comic Book Vol. 1 and 2
A look at the comics behind the show. (By Smurfley Kerr, March 07, 2012.)

Warren Ellis
Warren Ellis has nearly single-handedly made science fiction cool again in the comics industry. Join us for a look at how he did it. (By Kenn McCracken.)

Warren Ellis is on the Global Frequency
Are you? (By Kenn McCracken, July 11, 2002.)

Who watches the Watchmen? We all should... (By Kenn McCracken, August 08, 2001.)

Watchmen Comic Book : RevolutionSF Recall
The complete collection of things RevolutionSF has whomped up about the Watchmen comic book. (By Joe Crowe, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Comic Crossover : A Dream of Rorschach
So you've re-read all the Watchmen comics in anticipation of the movie. But what about the crossover? (By Jayme Blaschke, March 05, 2009.)

Watchmen Motion Comic
Like the Watchmen comic book, except the mouths move. (By Joe Crowe, October 03, 2008.)

Webcomic Recommendations: The System
Webcomics that you should be reading. Now, I said. (By Daikun, August 09, 2012.)

Wednesday Comics
DC puts some comics in Sunday funnies style on Wednesday. Hence the title. (By Jorge de la Cova, July 10, 2009.)

What Is Best In Life 2006: Joe Crowe Edition
Last one, we promise. Joe Crowe reveals the geek-centric things he liked about 2006. (By Joe Crowe, February 02, 2007.)

What Is Best In Life: Comic Books of the 2000s
RevSF picks the best comics of the decade. (By Jay Willson, December 20, 2009.)

The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist
A sketchbook from the greatest comics artist you never knew. (By Jay Willson, July 08, 2010.)

The World's Greatest Comics Stories
If you read nothing else, read these. Then you'll start to understand. (By Kenn McCracken and others.)

X-Men: Handy Helpful Ind-X
A guide to telling what the hell is the deal with all the X-Men things. (By Joe Crowe, May 31, 2003.)



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