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Comics Editor: Jay Willson

Knight Rider, Airwolf Comic Books
80s TV revived as comic books! What would Ernest Borgnine think? (Review by Joe Crowe and @revolutionsf, October 29, 2013.)

Comic Book Probe: Saga, Batman
Collections of alien drama Saga and the latest from Batman get reviews. (Review by Sarah Arnold and @sarah_arnold , April 09, 2013.)

RevolutionSF Remembers Joe Kubert
Far too few words about comic book legend Joe Kubert. (Feature by Mark Finn, August 13, 2012.)

Webcomic Recommendations: The System
Webcomics that you should be reading. Now, I said. (Review by Daikun, August 09, 2012.)

Axe Cop
This webcomic about the world`s toughest policeman and his dinosaur partner is required reading. (Review by Daikun, May 21, 2012.)

Uncanny Un-Collectibles Update: Sugar and Spike, Flex Mentallo,
You`re welcome, comics fans! Presenting our list of comics that were collected since we did our big list of long-lost comics. (Feature by Various RevolutionSF artists and Rick Klaw (editor), April 29, 2012.)

Jack of Fables
The Fables spinoff lurches to a less than satisfying end. (Review by Wesley Kerr, April 13, 2012.)

Y The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan starts up a new sci-fi comic book. (Review by Sarah Azrarnold, March 16, 2012.)

Walking Dead Comic Book Vol. 1 and 2
A look at the comics behind the show. (Review by Smurfley Kerr, March 07, 2012.)

Hellboy Camp Is Happiest Place on Earth
Ron Perlman not included. (News by Joe Crowe @revolutionsf, February 27, 2012.)

Before Watchmen: RevolutionSF Watercooler
New Watchmen comics are coming. The Internet went all Rorschach. Here are our thoughts. (Feature by RevolutionSF (@revolutionsf), February 03, 2012.)

Adventures of Alibi Jones
A promising new sci-fi comic book. (Review by Sarah Arnold, November 21, 2011.)

DC Comics Relaunch 2011: A RevolutionSF Retort
Our comics fan rebuts the DC relaunch. (Feature by Sarah Arnold, September 08, 2011.)

Top Shelf Roundup: Liar`s Kiss, Chester 5000, Lucille, Any Empire
A few from the Top Shelf comics catalog. Spoiler alert: They are all awesome. (Review by Sarah Arnold, August 16, 2011.)

DC Comics Revamp Crisis 2011: A RevolutionSF Special Retort
Our nerds react to DC Comics' crazy-ass plan. (Feature by RevolutionSF, June 03, 2011.)

Spider-Man : Turn Off The Dark musical
An awesome review of the Spider-Man musical. Note that we said the review is awesome. (Review by Tom Bessellieu, April 29, 2011.)

A cop gets psychic flashes on the history of everything he eats. Hijinks ensue. (Review by Joe Crowe, April 14, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: Loving the Magnificent Genius Bastard
A Bat-fan learns to love magnificent genius bastard Grant Morrison. (Review by Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman and Grant Morrison: Batman vs. Bad Art
One Bat-fan understands Morrison more the second time around. (Review by Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)

Batman by Grant Morrison: When Editors Attack
One Bat-fan vs. the Bat comic editors. (Review by Todd Gray, February 16, 2011.)


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