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RevolutionSF at DragonCon 2014
Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2014 • Here's a collection of stories and podcasts about us running our own track at a big sci-fi convention.

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Reviews and Features

RevolutionSF Adventures: The Saga of Hulk Cologne
If you always wondered what Hulk smelled like. [Humor]

Batman 66 Bat-Probe Episode 9: Zelda the Great
Be on the lookout for a woman in an orange dress. [TV]

Batman 66 Bat-Probe Episode 8: Rats Like Cheese
"We took a wrong turn on Route 49." [TV]

Batman 66 Bat-Probe: All The Bat-Episodes
Every episode of the incredible Batman 1966 TV series, reviewed. Read them all here, old chum. [TV]

Batman 66 Bat-Probe: Episode 6 : Batman Is Riled
Episode 6: Random Guy for mayor! [TV]

Guardians of the Galaxy
Spoiler filled review of a movie that is so Groot. [Movie]

Guardians of the Galaxy
Our RevSF Irregulars are hooked on a feeling, and also high on believing. [Movie]

RevolutionSF Has An Opinion: Where Did The Geek Excitement Go?
Breaking down geek reactions in this brave post-Guardians era. [Movie]

Batman 66 Bat-Probe: Episode 5 : The Joker Is Wild
Episode 5. "He sprung himself." [TV]

RevolutionSF News

Sci-Fi TV 2014: Flash, Constantine, Gotham Means DC Wins by Volume

Wonder Woman Actress Must Not Be Allowed To Be Awesome In Man of Steel 2
An actress will play Wonder Woman, but not the actress you wanted. Stay angry! [News]

A Petition To Stop James Spader From Being Awesome in Avengers 2
James Spader has less than zero chance of being in Avengers. HA HA 80s MOVIE REFERENCE. [News]

New Doctor Who Is Actor We Kinda Heard Of, I Guess
Fresh meat is here. Start up the spank machine. [News]

Short Stories

God Has Left The Building
After extraterrestrials make contact with mankind, can a man help his brother come to terms with what they reveal?

A Broken Promise
Slowly he reached in, inch by careful inch until he finally grasped Excalibur.

RevolutionSF Blogs

The Geek Curmudgeon
Where opinionated geek Rick Klaw expresses his views.

RevSF podcast queen Deanna Toxopeus.

The Culture
The 21st century is when everything changes.

Daikun's Webcomic Recommendations
I recommend Internet-published comics.

Roll for Ragnarok
Thrilling tales from the gaming table!

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