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#SciFighters! Arya vs. Katniss (vote now!)
April 14, 2014 • Two heroes tired of putting up with everybody`s crap.

NEW REVOLUTIONSF PODCAST Winter is going! (We hope). Our look at April geek-related movies!

Reviews and Features

Sci-Fi Bunnies: Jaxxon the Green Star Wars Rabbit
A green man-bunny in Star Wars? Yes, please! [Humor]

RevolutionSF at DragonCon 2013: The Podcasts
RevolutionSF hosts a whole track at DragonCon. We recorded lots of panels. Listen now. DO IT. [Humor]

Book Probe: Iron Mountain, Hollow World
New books, new writers, new sci-fi. Consume at will. [Book]

SciFighters: Joss Whedon vs. George RR Martin
We have a winner! Someone you love is going to die. [Humor]

Mullets of Sci-Fi And Beyond
Business in the front. Party in the back. Roddy Piper! Van Damme! Uncle Jesse! [Humor]

SciFighters! Scrappy-Doo vs. Jar Jar Binks
The one everyone hates vs. the other one everyone hates. WE HAVE A WINNER! [Humor]

SciFighters! Wonder Woman vs. Xena
The warrior princess or the one in satin tights fighting for our rights? WE HAVE A WINNER. [Humor]

Grimm Contest: Win Grimm Novel, Insiders Guides!
Win more Grimm books than you can shake a Hexenbiest at. (Please do not shake the Hexenbiest.) [TV]

Book Probe : EVE Source, Accident Man, Uber
Book Probe tells you what books you will like, to eliminate freedom of choice from your worried brow. [Book]

SciFighters! The Ultimate List
Check out all our historic clashes in one place (right here.) [Humor]

RevolutionSF News

Wonder Woman Actress Must Not Be Allowed To Be Awesome In Man of Steel 2
An actress will play Wonder Woman, but not the actress you wanted. Stay angry! [News]

A Petition To Stop James Spader From Being Awesome in Avengers 2
James Spader has less than zero chance of being in Avengers. HA HA 80s MOVIE REFERENCE. [News]

New Doctor Who Is Actor We Kinda Heard Of, I Guess
Fresh meat is here. Start up the spank machine. [News]

Ben Affleck To Play Batman's Nose and Chin; Internet Explosively Projects
The Internet loves Ben Affleck. [News]

Short Stories

God Has Left The Building
After extraterrestrials make contact with mankind, can a man help his brother come to terms with what they reveal?

A Broken Promise
Slowly he reached in, inch by careful inch until he finally grasped Excalibur.

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The Geek Curmudgeon
Where opinionated geek Rick Klaw expresses his views.

RevSF podcast queen Deanna Toxopeus.

The Culture
The 21st century is when everything changes.

Daikun's Webcomic Recommendations
I recommend Internet-published comics.

Roll for Ragnarok
Thrilling tales from the gaming table!

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#SciFighters! Who would win: Arya Stark vs. Katniss Everdeen

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