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Flash season 1 reviewed
Oct. 5, 2015 • Catch up to The Flash with our look at season 1.
Reviews and Features

Book Probe: SYPHEN
Use our correct opinions to simplify your buying of geek-related books! [Book]

RevolutionSF Interview: Hawk the Slayer Director Terry Marcel
We interview the director of the 1980 sword and sorcery classic and talk about the upcoming sequel! [Movie]

RevolutionSF Podcast: Bewitched!
Summer blockbuster edition! We preview and review all that stuff. [Humor]

Movie Probe: Chaos on the Bridge
Shatner interviews the stars and creators of Next Gen. Hijinks ensue. [Movie]

Underoos: A Brief History of Superhero Underwear

Dragon Ball Z : Resurrection F
Beloved characters. Iconic villain. And of course, fights! [Movie]

RevolutionSF Podcast: The Flash
Run, don`t walk to our two-part look at the Flash TV show. [TV]

RevolutionSF Podcast: Women in Geek Media
Women in sci-fi 2015: We are not things, but where is our stuff? [Movie]

Movie Probe: Three Days Dead
Gore-tastic and fun zombie flick. [Movie]

Book Probe: Alien: Weyland-Yutani Report, Back to the Future, Lois Lane
Read these books: Aliens, assassin with a shapeshifting tattoo, Lois Lane and Back to the Future! [Book]

RevolutionSF News

Star Wars Class Teaches History of Great Movies, Probably Also Prequels
Learn about Star Wars. Use the course, Luke. [News]

Marvel Movies Get Spider-Man, Blow Off Everything Else
Where are you coming from, Spider-Man? [News]

Star Wars VII Subtitle Might Be OK, Is A Sentence
Star Wars: The Subtitle Arrives! [News]

Justice League Movie Schedule Tosses Pebble At Mighty Marvel Throne
Aquaman is getting a movie. Hey, they said it, not us. [News]

Short Stories

God Has Left The Building
After extraterrestrials make contact with mankind, can a man help his brother come to terms with what they reveal?

A Broken Promise
Slowly he reached in, inch by careful inch until he finally grasped Excalibur.

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The Geek Curmudgeon
Where opinionated geek Rick Klaw expresses his views.

RevSF podcast queen Deanna Toxopeus.

The Culture
The 21st century is when everything changes.

Daikun's Webcomic Recommendations
I recommend Internet-published comics.

Roll for Ragnarok
Thrilling tales from the gaming table!

Things From Our Brains
Get even more out of RevSF.

Geek Confidential:
Echoes From the 21st Century

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