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Academy Awards 2002: Oscar News For the Rest of Us
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe

Tinseltown was all aflitter this morning as nominations for the Academy Awards were announced.

And I, Joe Crowe, RevolutionSF News Editor, was there, wearing a satin Versace gown.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring was the most nominated movie this year! It got 13 nominations -- most of them for technical achievement stuff. Which is usually all that sci-fi ever gets nominated for, but I'll get to that later.

The Enyariffic "May it Be" got nominated for Best Song. Although I am a little lacking in Enyathusiasm.

Howard Shore's soundtrack got nominated for Best Score.

Ian McKellen was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. SWEET. Thank you, Oscar slap-asses for finally taking care of some business.

Peter Jackson got a nomination for Best Director!

The movie's screenplay got nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

And . . . are you sitting down?

LOTR was nominated for BEST PICTURE!

Will it win? Well, no sci-fi film ever has that we know of. And it does have the resplendence of Gosford Park to contend with, so really this is anybody's race.

The technical stuff: LOTR was nominated for Art Direction, Cinematography, Sound, Costume, Editing, Makeup, and Visual Effects.

The very cool Memento got 2: for Best Original Screenplay and Editing.

In what has to be a first, actresses who have played and / or will play Marvel Comics characters both got nominated for Best Actress. Namely, Jennifer Connelly for A Beautiful Mind (Betty Ross in the upcoming Hulk) and Halle Berry (Storm from X-Men). In your face, Meryl Streep!

Twin Peaks' David Lynch was also nominated for Best Director, for Mulholland Drive. And in other Beautiful Mind news, finally, Opie Cunningham was nominated for Best Director for the very first time.

The Fresh Prince was nominated for Best Actor. I'm just going to let that sentence stand alone.

Best Animated Feature was introduced this year. The nominations were Shrek, Monsters, Inc. and Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.

Having seen none of them, I don't know if any of these are sci-fi-ish. But the Animated Short Film nominees were Fifty Percent Grey, For the Birds, Give Up Yer Aul Sins, Strange Invaders, Stubble Trouble.

And one of the Live Action Short Film nominees was called A Man Thing, but it's probably not about Marvel's swamp hero. Probably.

Besides LOTR, there was some sci-fi nestled as usual in the technical nominations:

Harry Potter got 3: Art Direction, Original Score, and Costume.

Sound Editing: Monsters Inc.

Original Score: A.I., Monsters Inc.

Original Song: Monsters Inc., Kate and Leopold, and Vanilla Sky.

Visual Effects: A.I.

Somehow, Pearl Harbor got nominated several times. Including its brain-numbingly insipid theme song "There You'll Be."

Overall, A Beautiful Mind got the second-most nominations, and Gosford Park got a lot. The only big shutout I saw was Royal Tenenbaums. I mean, besides American Pie 2.

Joe Crowe is RevolutionSF News Editor. Shannon Elizabeth was robbed.

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