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Arnold Schwarzenegger Sequels Pump Us Up
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Here's a roundup of news from a very talkative of late Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Terminator 3 will have an older John Conner, not played by Eddie Furlong. It is suspected that Eddie Furlong has aged naturally into a person older than he was when they filmed Terminator 2, but he's still not in the movie.

Linda Hamilton, who plays Sarah Conner, told Entertainment Weekly that she won't be in the third one because she, basically, doesn't want to try to top her T2 performance.

At about the same time, Arnold said that in the movie Sarah Conner would be dead. And he said she'd be in the movie, but in flashback. Since she's dead and all. Way to coerce a costar back for the sequel, Arnie.

Conan The King, by Crom! Arnold also said John Milius, writer of the original Conan movie, is rewriting a script for a third one. The Wachowskis (the Matrix guys) are in charge of it. They told Milius to cut down the script, because it'd be too long to film. Arnold is planning to do it, but he said Milius writes slow.

Arnold told Cinema Confidential that he's focusing on T3, so that pushes back True Lies 2 further. When asked for comment, True Lies costar Tom Arnold said, "I was in True Lies, you know.

And do you want fries with that?"

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