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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Things I Want to Make Fun Of So Bad I Can Taste It, So To Speak
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If you're in Hollywood at this time of the year, and you don't get nominated for something, that just means that you are Mark Wahlberg.

Amber Spyglass: Better Than Harry Potter, Says Whitbread Awards

The Guardian newspaper reports that Philip Pullman's Amber Spyglass won the Whitbread Award. It is the first time a children's book has ever won the award, one of the top two literary awards in the industry. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books have not achieved the honor.

It is the third and final book in Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. The chairman of the award committee, Jon Snow, said "Pullman's world is so complete and perfect and his canvas so enormous it had to be him."

The judges took two minutes to decide the winner, saying the author "is in a league of his own. We worried about whether the book could be judged on its own, because you never escape the feeling that it is part of a huge work. It is a superlative achievement, head and shoulders above everything else we read."

Dang. Get a room.

The chairman also said that at first they were leery of giving the award to a children's book, until they thought of C.S. Lewis, to whom Pullman has been compared. Except, you know, just the opposite.

Copping a SAG

On this side of the pond, The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominated Ian McKellen for best actor, and nominated everyone who acted in Fellowship for outstanding performance by a cast. Scifi.com says the only other sci-fi-ish thing nominated, though, was Anjelica Huston in Mists of Avalon.
Fellowship of the Ring got 12 nominations in the British Academy Awards. These included best actor for Ian McKellen, and Best Film, Adapted Screenplay, the Anthony Asquith Award for Achievement in Music, and several for cinematography, production design, sound, costumes, editing, sound, and special effects.
Please don't send me e-mail -- I don't know who Anthony Asquith is, either. Lead singer of the Scorpions, I think.
The British Academy nominated Harry Potter and Shrek a lot, including a best supporting actor nomination for Robbie Coltrane. Eddie Murphy also got a supporting actor nomination for Shrek.
Apparently, sci-fi gets the respect over there in Britain. They even nominated A.I. for something.

Clarke Awards Shaped Like Monolith: If Not, Why Not?

Locus Online has announced the short list for the annual Arthur C. Clarke Award for the best science fiction novel published in the UK in the previous year. Clarke, among many other things, wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Is this award shaped like the monolith? And if not, who do I file a formal complaint with?

Philip K. Dick Awards I Want To Make Fun Of So Bad I Can Taste It, So To Speak

The Philadelphia SF Society and the award's judges have announced the 2001 nominees for the Philip K. Dick Awards.

The award is presented for "distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States." Winners will be announced March 30, 2002 at Norwescon 25 at the Doubletree Seattle Airport Hotel, at SeaTac in Washington state.

I have successfully managed to get through this entire story without making fun of the award sponsor's name.

I mean, GOOD GRIEF. What kind of name is "Philadelphia SF Society"?

Fantasy Awards Handed Out Three Months Ago

I feel kind of like a slapass for not posting this earlier, but winners of 2000's World Fantasy Awards were announced at the World Fantasy Convention, um . . . back on November 4, 2001.

The winners were reported on sfsite.com. It's not like I had the winners to post and just didn't do it. It's that I never went to find theem out. Picture me, walking backwards, laughing nervously. Then, when I get far enough away, turning tail and running.

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