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X-Files: Chris Carter Says Shut Er Down, Boys!
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On the morning of January 16, Chris Carter took a meeting with Fox and said SHUT 'ER DOWN, BOYS!

Variety reported that, at Chris Carter's request, The X-Files has ended. When its ninth season wraps up in May, that'll be it.

Jan. 16, Carter met with Fox chairman Sandy Grushow and entertainment chief Gail Berman (no relation to Rick). In the news release, Carter said, "It's the ninth inning. We want to go out on top."

It's about 3 overtime innings too late for that . . .

The show is still doing well in the ratings, but not as well as it used to. And if you don't mind a venom-spewing rant, then I could go into its creative status.

The series will end with a two-parter written by Carter, which will be the show's 201st episode. The release says Carter hasn't started writing it yet. But he does promise to finish up the mytharc. But then, he's promised that a lot.

He'd also "love" to get David Duchovny back for the last episode. The story says that a a new X-Files theatrical movie is "expected to develop."

Grushow lauds the show in the news release, saying "it put Fox on the map, plain and simple." As well he should, since it's made Fox a lot of money in its network run and in syndication.

Grushow continued to heap praise upon Carter, saying he "created a television series not just for our times, but for all times."

Then he said "It never quit being original."

RevSF readers! Insert your favorite episode title here!

"This show's afterlife will be strong," Carter said.

I assume he means that the show will be disintegrated by the Starlight People.

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