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Sci-ku: January 9, 2002
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Batman's Ten Cent Adventure
The Caped Crusader,
All in color for a dime,
Cheap fun, spring blossom! (bessellieu@excite.com)
Spring blossom?
ZIM is planning to
Dominate the planet Earth.
Dib must stop him NOW! (fnchnst@home.com)
Gears kick total ass.
Zohar is so powerful.
Deus, kiss my ass. (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)
Perfect Blue is
Quite confusing but peanuts to
Adolescence Of Utena (wolvie110@hotmail.com)
Cat's Cradle
Ice-Nine is blue-white
All the lies are greater truth
Pro patria Mr. Minton (nettroll@email.com)
Pleistocene Eden
Pleistocene Eden
black monolithic serpent
then comes the murder (gtfirefly@hotmail.com)
Vanilla Sky
Vivid sea of dreams
bending one's reality
not 'nuff Jason Lee (bhaskins@aqinc.com)
I have not seen it,
But it looks like another,
Flop like Voyager. (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)
I can see the strings.
No, not on See-Threepio,
But on Anakin. (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)
Life, the Universe, and Everything: (In memory of Douglas Adams)
Enlighten my hike
Forty-two is the answer
The question was lost (nettroll@email.com)
Several About the Tomb Raider Games
Tomb Raider
Never finished it
Far too busy trying to
Zoom in on her breasts

Tomb Raider II
Jump, and shoot, and strafe,
Flip, twirl, and fall to your death
Friggin save crystals!

Tomb Raider III
Boobs got much bigger
Less silicon in the chips
More in Lara Croft

Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
Played this game before?
The soundtrack got real crappy.
Hooters shrank: Why, God?

Tomb Raider Chronicles
Young Lara gives me
Extra special sensations
Someone hose me down. (imadharmabum@aol.com)
Response to nohx1013@netscape.net's wonderful "Hobbit Pride"
I'm short: five foot one
I too have Hobbit Pride, but
My toes have no hair   (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)
Fans raise their eyebrows
"Galadriel solarized?
Bit of a misstep." (megatonnage@hotmail.com)
Don't go to the mines
There lies the peril, Gandalf.
Falling, "Fly, you fools." (chiefette1013@aol.com)
N'Sync in Episode 2
Four gay Jedi Knights
One of em pokin' Britney
I'm gonna barf now (riddiman1234@hotmail.com)

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