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Newsblast Archives : Watchmen, Terry Gilliam, Star Trek
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RevolutionSF Newsblast Archives looks into the distant, distant past. Join us as we peer into the dim, ancient, smelly mists of time for sci-fi news written in bygone eras. Let history be revealed, as we draw back the curtain on a long forgotten age: June 26, 1999.

When's the Next Star Trek?

Not for another year at least. Rick Berman and Paramount producer Sherry Lansing reveal the next Trek movie should be out in 2001, but nothing is being filmed right now.

Another series is in the works; Berman says we are likely to see it before the next movie.

The movie, when it happens, will not be all Next Generation, nor a Deep Space Nine movie, but more like a Trek Universe movie.

Michael Dorn (Worf) and Levar Burton (Geordi) reportedly are not interested in doing another TNG movie. In the case of Brent Spiner (Data), he has suggested that in the next movie his character should die.

Terry Gilliam and Watchmen Hang in the Air

Terry Gilliam, said "Watchmen still hangs in the air. I think we should just do a mini-series. Then you can [take] five hours to tell the tale."

Regarding Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, Gilliam said someone may have bought the rights and he is trying to find out whom.

"Dick has such a specific take on things. I'm convinced I'm the only one that really understands him."

For Those Who Want To Die

Paramount's Great Adventure theme park has announced its Santa Clara, California, park will open a new theme ride, Project Stealth, in March 2000.

The "first true flying coaster," straps its victims in face-down, to soar over 2,766 feet of track at up to 50 miles an hour, through a 66-foot vertical loop, a double-inversion corkscrew, and a horseshoe which inverts the track to approximately 110 degrees.

Then when the ride is over, somebody kicks you in the junk.

Joe Crowe and rollercoasters: Not a good combo.

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